Ages: 9-10
Holiday Thankfulness...
Zielle S.

Holiday Thankfulness...

Note: This isn’t a true story but sometimes I feel this.

Kana swung her slim legs over her arm chair, looking glumly across the room.

Her brown eyes uncovered the nearly scorched garden, as the sun’s rays beat at the bay windows, nearly as if the sun had come into the room.

The house was quiet, except for the heavy breathing of her family, and the gentle burring of the electric fan.

Those normal horrible words repeated in her upset brain. “Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.”

Her shirt clung endlessly to her body and her hair blew across her face as the fan turned in her direction.

Standing up, her eyes searched the back yard, as those same words repeated again and again, and sometimes she even found herself saying it out loud!

Her eyes finally rested on a blue bird coming with a twig in his mouth, and placed it on his nest in the tree.

The bird was singing, and working till it’s hearts content. It seemed the only thing to make him happy! It seemed to say, “At least God makes some holidays!” “At least God makes some holidays!” again and again it’s cheerful voice echoed through Kana’s “boring” holiday.

Kana had many advantages over this bird, and the bird could not do the many things Kana could. And yet, she was being idle, wasting her time.
But he, he was making the most of his time. He was using the one advantage he had over Kana. His holiday thankfulness.

Hope you enjoyed!
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