Ages: 9-10
Devotional: God Knows
Zielle S.

I just want to show you something.
Have you ever noticed that the book of Genesis, Exodus, and Esther match?

Genesis and Jacob: With Jacob, God knew that his plan would work when He said the older will serve the younger. Even if He knew Isaac would forget He told him that, God knew Jacob would cheat his brother Esau, and Esau would want to kill him. And He used Rebecca to help Isaac remember what God had said.

Genesis and Joseph: When Joseph got sold into slavery by his brothers, he trusted God. Even as a slave, even in prison, and when his brothers treated him like that. All though, he was very sad. He knew that God had brought him there for a reason, not just to be a slave, not just to be thrown in prison. God knew that he would be thrown in jail. And some people might think God didnít care for him because that happened. But, He sent him to jail to save people. A slave, then in jail, and then he saves his family and lots of other people to! Because Joseph trusted God, he was able to save his land, and his family.

Exodus, Moses, God, and the Israelites: God chose Moses, because He knew that even if God Himself would seek to kill his own people, Moses would even stand up for his people, even against God. God knew that. He hardened Pharaohís heart so His power would show throughout all Egypt. He knew that when he let the Israelites go, he would change his mind and go after them. By doing that, He would show the Egyptians, and the Israelites Godís power when He divided the red sea and let them cross.

Esther, God and Haman: God knew that a wicked man Haman would destroy his people. So He chose a Jew for a queen. Then she could save His and her people. Haman fell into his own trap he had made for Mordecai. God has control over everything!
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