TOPIC:Science Fiction
Ages: 9-10
Even The Littlest Flower - Part 3
Zielle S.

About a hundred little pairs of assorted colours of eyes looked wonderingly at the startled girl.

Finally someone spoke up and the crowd followed. Suddenly a hush came over the crowd and a few people whispered, “Queen Clarida!” The crowd instantly became quiet and everyone sat still on their mushroom and leaf chairs.

“Good morning, fellow fairies; and that includes you Ella.” Queen Clarida gave a little bow toward Ella and smiled warmly at her.

Ella stood up in her “plane” and feeling her body she asked herself in a hushed whisper, her voice as croaky as the croakiest frog, she said, “F...f...fairies? You mean real live fairies?”

Then looking up, she gasped.

The top of their shelter was purple. Closed up and...wait a minute.

Before she could go anywhere, the Queen helped her out of the flower cup and asked, “Ella dear, do you know why you are here?” She took hold of her hand. Ella shook her head dumbly.

The Queen continued. “You are here because you wished.”

“W...wished w...w...what?” Ella stammered, tucking her brunette hair out of her eyes and behind her ear.

“You wished something. You wished that you would become a fairy right? Well, it came true! Every girl or boy that has a passion for fairies, and wishes to become one, it will come true. No one knows when. Not even me! But somewhere sometime, after that child discovers something, and after, that same day touches a flower that is the fairy shelter, they will become one! That has happened to you!” The Queen continued.

Ella stammered, unable to speak anything else. “’m a f...f...fairy?”

Queen Clarida just nodded her head. “Now that this is the first human girl to become a fairy; it must only be the first human fairy. She or he must help us finish our mission. Until it is finished, she may not leave.”

“What is our mission?” Ella asked, finally finding her voice.

“We must collect all five wands. After that is finished, we will get our world back. In this world, we have scarce pollen, and a fairy must have at least a bucket full of pollen in a week. We do not have that much. So our fairies cannot do hard work when we need it desperately. We can collect only four wands till human fairy comes. That is the only time we can find the fifth, and bring it to our flower shelter. This.” The Queen spread her arm around the room. “This is the flower that you touched.”

"I figured that out." Ella had had enough excitement and discovery in one day so she went of to rest. Still dazed. That was enough adventure for the day.
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