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    Sign up by clicking "HERE" and fill out the online form.

    You may want to get your parents help as you may need their email address. You will be asked to give an email address and a password. The email address and password will always be kept private. The name you enter at sign up is what will show on your articles. Ask your parent or guardian if you should use your real name or a pen-name.

  2. To submit a piece of writing:

    • Login to your account HERE.
      Log in (using the email address and password you gave when you first signed up - step 1)

    • Click on "Submit Writing" or "Submit to Weekly Topic".

    • Fill out the form. Either type your writing into the box, or copy/paste it from where you wrote it.

  3. To read what others have written:

  4. To leave a comment on someone's article:

    • Log in.

    • From "Read All Writings" open the article.

    • Click on the "Make Comment" button.

    • Choose your comment and comment icon.

    • Click "Submit."

  5. To Send A Message:

    • Log in.

    • From "Read All Writings" open the article.

    • Click on the "Send Message" button.

    • Type Your Subject and Message.

    • Click "Submit."


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