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Who God is to Me
Zielle S.

I thought I'd do one last post before this shuts down. :'( :'( Guys, don't forget to save all your precious work from here! Love you all! <3 When I don't have the courage to make it through, He'll be there beside me. Even though I can't see Him He's always there Ready and willing to take my hand, And lead me through the unknown. If only I would take it. He has given me a great gift. The greatest gift. I only have to accept it. He'll be my rock and my fortress, In whom I will find refuge. When I fall He will pick me up, Give me the courage to keep going Run the race He has set for me. He can help me across the waters Through the storm inside There is no problem too big for Him. I can cast all my cares upon Him He cares for me He has a perfect plan for my life Even though to me, all seems lost Even though my life is a mess And I think, "Why am I here?" God knows. He has a plan for me To make me the best I can be I will love Him forever My Creator, my Redeemer, the One who loves me despite who I am He will light up my path And I will follow
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