My Testimony
Ages: 13-14
My little Flame/A Passage Through the Trees
Ella H

I have this little flame Alight inside of me It waxes and it wanes It hops from tree to tree Though a flame It never burns It doesn't hurt the trees It simply lives inside the forest That grows deep down in me Sometimes the fire grows To a surging white hot blaze It dances thru the can'py Though it does not raze The frol'cking embers overcome The darkness in my brain It burns the dead and damning thoughts That wish to reign in pain Other times my little flame threatens to go out Hope and love seem distant when my flame - I am without I wander and I lose myself In the black thicket of my mind The cold and darkness overcome - I'm all but blind Then I remember my little flame That glowing, wondrous light I find it in my little heart And again embrace it's light Once again it burns Within my caring hands This is my faith, I think Now it's not all that grand But those times it reaches a blaze Why, that is quite a sight! I don't think I will- No. I never shall Forget that loving light It makes my ponder Oft with fear What it would be like With no light near I've seen many in this world Stumbling on without a flame Some think they've found it Though it's not of joy Nor is it tame I wish to help them. - Show my light! Share a coal Maybe I just might Make a difference in this dark world But I fear they will fear it For coals are known to burn Their hands are torn with blisters From the lies that they have learned I do not wish to make them fear So I let them be Stumbling on without a light ...With no way to see… I think for now I'll stay by them! My lamp - a small light I'll calmly walk by them Hoping they'll choose right For I love them deeply! Without them I am lost I wish to return the favor But at what cost? I do not wish to offend I simply wish to share The glory I've seen That lies around the bend But I don't know for sure If they want my light or not Though they need it Fire burns, if not kept safe tho hot And so I'll stand in patience Waiting for their plea And then with eager love I'll lend A coal so they can see A pathway I've been walking down A passage through the trees
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