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Hey Everyone!
annagayle 15

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on in a while!

September, we went out of town, and then it was my birthday, and then my sister's wedding.

October, we were out of town for most of the month, and then went out of town with my Grandmother for Halloween.

November, we had church Fall Retreat, and I had to catch up on school.

And now it's December, and our schedule is (still) jam packed full.

I've just finished a story, which I unfortunately can't share on here (because it's about my friend, and just for privacy reasons I can't post it on here... sorry). I'm still writing Devoted to Ally, a book that I'll hopefully be finished with soon!

It's somewhat sad seeing so little activity on this site, so I'll try my best to stay active. School is still taking up a lot of my day, but when I get a chance, I'll try to post some stuff!

ALSO I had a writing challenge This is for all of my girl authors :)

(We all know that) most (or all) books have a main guy character who is absolutely perfect. He knows how to treat the main woman right, he's kind, he's overly loving... he's honestly just perfect.
When a girl is reading a book with romance, and the boy is perfect, it's easy to fall in love with the fictional man.
My challenge for you is to write a book where the main guy has many character flaws. However, create it so that, despite the flaws, the main woman (and the other girls reading the book!) fall in love with him anyways!

Happy Writing!!
-Anna <3
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