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Don't Have Much Time To Write This
Sophia Snipes

Sorry I've been gone so long (Again...), I'll explain what I was doing later, because I don't have much time, I'm about to go somewhere with my family. I do have a quick story that happened today, though.
This school year I started public school (I've been homeschooled all my life). Today was Spirit Day at my school, and they were going to take the whole seventh outside in a field behind the school, where they were going to be selling popsicles.
During homeroom, my teacher was giving every student in her homeroom a chance to earn a free popsicle. There was a world map on one side of the room, so I asked her if she would give me one if I could tell her something wierd about that map. She said yes.
So I said, "If you look at that map over there, it looks like a cat that's throwing up Australia and the islands around it."
She looked at the map for a second, and then said; "I guess it does."
I was actually a little surprised that she gave me a free popsicle for that.
Happy writing!
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