Ages: 13-14
Rock Painting! Community Artwork
Amy Sparrow (mod)

In my town rock painting has become extremely popular. We paint designs on rocks, seal them so rain and sun won't wear it off, and then leave the rocks out in parks, stores, or doctor offices to brighten the day of whoever finds them. People can then keep the rock forever, or take it to a different place to let someone else find it. So fun! You can do anything from simple smiley faces or ladybugs, to really detailed paintings. Some people even paint a background color and then put a sticker on the rock. Personally, I trace designs onto mine, since I don't draw very well. I print out clip art of something like Winnie the Pooh, then scribble darkly all over the back with a pencil or colored pencil. I lay it over the rock and trace over the lines with something hard like a pencil or end of a paintbrush. It rubs the pencil marks onto the rock, so you can see the design outline to paint. My town has 40,000 people involved in our rock painting FaceBook group. We have parties and everything. No one cares how fancy it is. It's helped me connect with my community and makes me so happy to use art to brighten other people's days. Try it out! All you need is to wash off a smooth rock from your backyard and add a little paint. Ask your parents to check to see if there is a rock painting FaceBook group in your area, and you can have them post pictures of your rocks there and maybe the person who finds it will post there too.
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Rock Painting! Community Artwork