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The Midnight Chronicles l The First Journey l Chapter Nine
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Nine: Tado's Training Begins

Prabhu led Tado and Midnight out into a large courtyard, long, wide, and dusty. A rack of dulled weapons hung along one wall, glinting in the bright sunlight. A pair of apprentices clad in chain armor danced back and forth across the courtyard, swords clashing. A small group stood against the wall, watching closely.
"This is our training yard," Prabhu said. "I want you to meet someone. Rhanu!"
A man in a green tunic with bronze embroidering snaking along the collar, and the cuffs of his sleeves. A silver medallion hung at his chest, stamped with a symbol that seemed familiar, but Tado couldn't quite remember where he had seen it before. "Yes, sir?" The man said, stiffening to attention.
"Relax, Rhanu." Prabhu said. "This is Tado, I want you to train him."
Midnight made an odd half-growl, half-whimper. "But-" "Midnight," Prabhu cut him off. "Now is not the time to dwell on old disputes. You do not have enough experience to train Tado yourself."
"Yes, Father." Midnight said.
The man turned to Tado. "My name is Rhanu," He said, extending a hand to Tado.
Tado shook Rhanu's hand uncertainly. "You're a quiet one, aren't you?" Rhanu said, his sky-blue eyes watching him carefully, noting the way Tado slightly shifted towards Midnight. "Would you like a quick sparring session?" Rhanu asked. "So I can see how you fight?"
Tado nodded.
"Pick any weapon you like," Rhanu said, motioning towards the rack of weapons.
Tado approached the rack, fascinated by the variety of weapons hanging there.
"Whatever you feel most comfortable with." Rhanu suggested. Tado selected a traditional, straight bladed sword. He turned back to Rhanu.
"I'm ready." He said.
Rhanu strode towards the pair of apprentices, who lowered their weapons as he approached.
"Ordon, I want you to spar with Tado," He gestured behind him. "I only want to see what he knows, so don't be too hard on him."
"Yes, sir!" Ordon said.
Rhanu ushered Tado over.
"This is Ordon," Rhanu said to Tado. "He is going to spar with you."
Ordon nodded to Tado.
Rhanu stepped back.
Ordon raised his sword and stepped back into a ready stance. Tado tried his best to match him.
Ordon stepped forward and swung his sword. Tado's parry was sloppy, and he stumbled back. Ordon swung again. He locked hilts with Tado, and twisted. Tado lost his grip, and his sword clattered as it hit the ground.
"Hmm..." Rhanu thought for a moment, considering what he had seen.
He lifted a glave off of the rack and offered it to Tado.
"Try using this." He said.
Tado accepted the glave. It was a long stick wrapped in leather at the middle. It had a blade and crosspiece mounted on one end. He swung it experimentally. It was perfectly balanced, and just the right length.
Tado turned to face Ordon once again.
Tado dropped into a ready stance, one leg braced against the ground like a pole, and glave raised.
Ordon leaped around Tado and charged from the side. Tado swung his glave around, blocking Ordon's approach. He jabbed Ordon in the chest, forcing him back. Ordon slowly moved around Tado, searching for an opening to attack. He swung at Tado's feet. Tado slammed his glave down, catching the hilt of Ordon's sword. Ordon pulled back, but Tado's blade caught on the crosspiece of his sword, and it slid out of his hands.
Ordon stepped back in surprise.
Tado glanced back at the group of apprentices, who stared in shock at the untrained boy who had just defeated the strongest of their group.
"Very good," Rhanu said. "You're quite skilled with a glave, I see. Who trained you?"
"No one," Tado replied.
"Really?" Rhanu said. "Continue sparring."
While Tado and Ordon swung and blocked, Rhanu turned to Midnight.
"Are you sure he had no training at all before you found him?" He asked.
"None," Midnight replied. "His village had no warriors." "Hmm..." Rhanu glanced back at Tado. "Very odd. A glave is a very unusual weapon, being untrained, I wouldn't expect him to even know how to hold one."
"Why did you think giving him one to spar with was a good idea, then?" Midnight asked suspiciously.
"Instinct." Rhanu answered simply.
"Sir!" A messenger approached them. "I have a message from Sir Gryphonn."
"What is it?" Prabhu asked.
"He found a group of goblins moving through the Eastern Kingdom," The messenger said. "And they had an entire village worth's of people as captives."
"An entire village?!" Prabhu said.
Tado whipped around, watching them with intense green eyes.

Hey everybody! Sorry about the late chapter! Also, if anyone is wondering why I haven't put Heard By God's character in the story yet, I now have an actual storyline to write based off of, which changed the few plans I originally had. So I can't actually add him until next chapter, possibly a little later.
And for anyone who's played the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I added a little easter egg into this chapter, or more like a big easter egg, since this character will be really important later on.
Also, I didn't see Amy's post about paragraph breaks until just now, thanks!
Happy writing!

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