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The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey l Chapter Eight
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Eight: Prabhu's Palace

Conall raced through the icy trees, careful to avoid their frozen limbs. He could hear the shouts of the rogue knights behind him.
"Look! One got away!" A rogue called. "Stop him before he gets help!"
"Get yourselves together!" The leader shouted. "You two, take the prisoners back to General Korg! The rest of you, follow me!" He raced after Conall, his riders close behind.
Conall pulled his cloak tighter and dropped to the ground, changing his cloak to match the pale stones of the path. He held his breath and hoped he wouldn't be trampled by the horses.
"Spread out and find him!" The leader shouted.
The knights spread out into the forest, leaving the path behind. Conall pushed himself to his feet and continued down the icy road.

The rogue on the right reached into his saddlebag and began fiddling with something.
"What is he doing?" Tado whispered.
"I am not sure," Midnight said. "Conall should be back with help soon."
"Midnight," The rogue whispered. "It's Will, I've sent word to Prabhu. He will be here soon."
"Do not speak to the prisoners!" The other rogue snapped. "Yes sir!" Will replied, turning away.
A cloaked figure stood in the road ahead of them.
"Move aside, traveler." The rogue said when they reached him. He did not respond.
"Tado," Midnight said. "Cover your eyes."
Tado glanced at Will and saw him cover his face with a hand, and Tado did the same.
"No matter what you hear, don't open your eyes until I say you can." Midnight said.
An explosion echoed across the Ice Forest. Tado had to take a step back to keep from toppling over.
"You can open your eyes now." Midnight said.
Tado blinked his eyes open, and looked around.
"Wow," Tado breathed.
They were now in a massive room with a row of arched windows along either side. Golden pillars stretched up to the ceiling. Sunlight poured down from a giant rectangular skylight. When Tado breathed, the air felt crisp and cold in his lungs, but the breeze felt warm on his skin. A wide staircase led up to a throne, where the man from the road was seated.
"Welcome to my kingdom, Tado."
Hey guys! You've probably noticed that my chapters seem shorter lately, but keep in mind that it takes longer to write a story than it does to read one. I had to go back and rewrite most of this to fit in with the storyline.
Happy writing!

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