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fidget spinners
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Fidget spinners! everywhere, viral, selling like, well, fidget spinners! you could buy them at a variety store. The cheapest prices i found them on is $3. It is also known to be anxiety relieving. Y'don't have to have axiety to get one. hehehe!

So if you have not bought one yet, or plan to buy one, here is my tips and opinion on which ones to get.

There are 2 sided ones and 3 sided ones. we are going to review and compare them.

2 sided fidget spinners are good, so-so. they spin nice and fast, but, if you like to wobble your fidget spinner, a 3 sided one would be more appropriate, due to it's structure.

The speed: 3 sided and 2 sided are about the same speed, depending on where or how it's been manufractured.

one more thing you have to be aware of is the middle spinning bearing. The FS I have, the bearing tended to push out of it's place a little.

Noise: some FS have a real quiet scraping kind of noise, so keep a ear out for that.

If you want some more posts on fidget toys, do a star.
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