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Character Intros (Cooper Family Series Intro, Part Two)
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Now is time for my favorite part... CHARACTERS!!
I'm going to introduce the characters for my story... who have really grown on me... haha!

The main family in this is the Cooper family. Below, I will say their names, and in parenthesis will be their nickname(s).

Benjamin (Ben) and Lee Erica (Lee) Cooper met in college and hit it off. They got married, and then ten kids followed.

Their oldest is Nathaniel (Nathan, Nate, Nat). He is 25.

Just the next year came twins, Lukas (Luke) and Tyler (Ty). They are 24.

The next year, they had their first daughter, Jayda. She is 23 and is married to Cole Daniels. They have Alexandra Jane (AJ), who is 3. They are not in the book much, because they live in Winter (if you are confused about places, refer to my last post).

When Jayda was a year old, Ben and Lee adopted Judah. He became a contemporary Christian singer. He is 28. Jayda and Judah are 5 years apart, but they have the strongest sibling bond. When Judah is not on tour, he stays with Jayda and Cole.

Another year passed, and along came Josiah (Si). He is 21 and married to Kelsey. They have a daughter, Ella, who is 2. She is expecting another girl.

After Josiah came Sadie. She is 20 married to Cody Ellis, and has a two year old, Elijah (Eli), and a 1 year old, Aaron. She is expecting twins. They live in City.

Another two years passed before the second pair of twins came along. Jonathan (Jon) and Alana (Ally) are 18. Ally is the main character in this upcoming book.

The "baby" of the family is Samuel (Sam), who is 15.

The other main character is Gabriel (Gabe) Miller, 20. His parents are Paul and Heather Miller, but they are in only a couple of chapters. He has no siblings.

Alana's friend is also in the book. Her name is Alexis Wiswell (sometime goes by Ally, also). She's 20 and is engaged to Lukas Williams. She has a sister that's married (Elizabeth, or Lizzie) and another engaged (Emma). The parents are Sawyer and Anne. The family is not in the book much, but you may want to remember Alexis.

I'd say the most important ones to remember would be Ally, Gabe, Ben, Lee, Nate, and Alexis.

Also remember Jan Polo, founder of Chester and the Belle Islands!!

I know that's a lot of info, but hopefully it'll give you a better understanding when it comes to the book!

P.S., you may have noticed that some of the children had children of their own at a young age. In Chester, most people get married young (average of 18 years old). I just wanted to clarify that in case you all were wondering :)

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