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Back Story for My Story (Cooper Family Series Intro, Part One)
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Hey everyone!! I'm super excited to share a little backstory on my book! I'm not going to start posting my book yet, because I'm only a couple of chapters in, and I may need to go back and edit. But I am going to start giving you some backstory.

First off, the characters live in the country of Chester. The story takes place in modern times. The country Chester was remarkably discovered by Jan Polo (pronounced John Paul-Oh). It is (unlike anywhere on earth) separated into four quarters. The upper left hand corner is what they call Mountain. Mountain always reflects autumn weather. The mountains and scenery are perfect for hiking. The one must-see in Mountain is Great Falls. It is a large waterfall that cascades down the side on Great Falls Mountain. The upper right hand corner is called Winter. And, like it's name, reflects winter weather. A must-see in Winter is Little Everest, a large mountain that houses a ski resort. In the bottom right hand corner is City. It always reflects spring weather. City is a busy area, known for shopping malls. A must-see in City is Dover City. Dover City is just like New York City for Americans. Busy and full of activity!! In the lower left hand corner is Beach. It always reflects summer. It's certainly the place for professional surfers and beach bums. Apollo Beach is the must-see in Beach. The swells are large, and the surf is good all the time, which makes it a popular surf spot.

A few years later, Jan Polo discovered, off the west coast of Chester, a cluster of islands that he named the Belle Islands. He stationed men to build wooden bridges connecting all of the Belle Islands together. It is now a tourist sight, where people take a boat from Chester and ride to spend the day at the Belle Islands, exploring the lush jungles via hiking trails.

Really, right now, that's all you all need to know about the country where this books takes place! I know it's a lot of info. It'll still be a little while until I post any of the book, but I wanted to give you this to read so that you'll have a little backstory!

Keep a look out! Next time I'll introduce characters (which is my favorite part of any story!)

Until then,
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