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4 Amazing Animals
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As an animal and nature lover, I am always delving into the research of new and underrated animals. Here are four amazing animals that I think make this world an absolutely exquisite place!

1. Cicadas
Many would call this insect disgusting and creepy, but they are actually harmless. Cicadas are meant for the wild, if contained, they will die within a couple of days. But what makes these insects so extraordinary? Well, every 17 years, the ground trembles, and thousands of these little guys cover the forest floor like a blanket. They all topple over each other, climbing up the trees so they can transform. They are a shiny blackish-brown color, so they blend in with the trees, and it makes it look like the trees are moving!
The cicadas shed their external coat, and at first they look slimy and grotesque, but after a couple of hours, they have grown beautiful clear wings.
These insects are still covering the whole forest, and within a day they are fully grown. But they are clumsy and careless, therefore they are easy prey. By the time dawn comes, many are dead, and the predators have feasted, but the remaining lay their eggs again. These eggs won't be seen until another 17 years.

2. Kodkods
Kodkod, the name sounds cute, right? Well, the animal is about 10 times cuter. Imagine a fully-grown house cat, only tinier. And this little beast lives in the Patagonia Forests. Kodkods are tiny, but do not underestimate their power. They can take out large animals, as well as moths.
This is the real meaning of a wildcat.

3. Enigma Semount
I know what you're thinking. What the heck is an Enigma Seamount? Is that a disease? No, it actually is an animal, alien.....thing.....that lives deep in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest part of the ocean and world. It was discovered very recently in 2016.
This animal makes you wonder, what if we've been looking for aliens in all the wrong places? We look up to the sky, but what if all this time, they've been living right under our feet?
This jellyfish has straight neon tenticles that glow within the darkness. Its top is clear, where you can see right through it. It has red patterns on the top. But the freaky thing is the yellow glowing beating right inside of it. Creepy, yet intriguing. If you get a chance and access to internet, definitely look up the Enigma Seamount Jellyfish.

4. Coconut Octopus
This octopus is the only amazing thief I can possibly think of. It takes shells at the bottom of the ocean, and carries it around. When it detects danger or feels fear, he collects his rubber-like body and hides within the shell. Though the shell significantly slows him down, he will always be safe. Imagine having the superpower to have a shield. That's what its like.

When thinking of these animals, it makes you really think about how creative God actually is. To come up with these animals in the blink of an eye, gives me goosebumps. He is so amazing and deserves to be evermore glorified.

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