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The Two Towers: Arwen | Chapter 3
Zielle S.

Chapter Three - Arwen I tried to yell, but the words came out as a husky whisper. "My dear! You remember!" Allia leaned forward in her throne, a distorted smile on her beautiful face. "Last time I saw you, you tried to kill Matthew and me!" this time it came out right. "M-Matthew," suddenly it dawned on me. Matthew just had to be here. "What have you done with him, Allia?" I growled. Allia pointed a long skinny finger out a smudge stricken window on the far side of the room. It overlooked the other tower beside this one. So he was there. I tried to sit up straight to show her I wasn't afraid. But I felt my heart beat against my chest. "I'm still going to get that throne, you know." Allia said. I pursed my lips. Allia had long wanted Matthew and me gone so she could take the throne. But she'd have to wait a very long time for that, I decided. "You, my dear, are going to get it for me if it costs you your life, or you'll never see your brother again." She leaned so close to me I could smell her foul breath. I stayed still, holding my breath and my face as pale as the snow outside. "Queen Allia, this one is giving us trouble." A man scowled. I spied a man holding a girl around my age. "How many times do I have to tell you, Edmon? They give you trouble, you give them trouble. Lock her in the cellar. Three days." Allia said, like it was no big deal. "No! Please, no!" the girl whimpered. But I saw that when Edmon and Allia weren't looking, she scowled and gave a pretence kick at the guards' leg. "Why don't you just kill us instead?" I asked. "I need you, my dear. The others, I will kill when I don't need them anymore. But you are the next heir to your father. You can get the throne for me, and you will." Allia smirked. I pulled back the tears. "Take her to the cellar with the other girl, Edmon." Allia snapped. "Yes, Your Majesty." Edmon have a quick bow. He lugged me onto his shoulder so fast I felt like throwing up. It would serve him right if I threw up all over his feet. I struggled like a fish out of water, making my tummy feel worse, but he just laughed. We went down again to the bottom of the tower and into a heavy door. The man swung the door open and tossed us down five steps onto the cold cellar floor. The cellar door closed with a bang. Every inch of my body ached. "HEEEEYYYY! AREN'T YOU GOING TO TAKE OF THESE ROPES?" I screeched. The door creaked open again. I sighed with relief. But Edmon just laughed. "You'll have to learn to stay with them on for a while!" He bellowed. The door shut again, leaving the girl and me in the darkness. "Aren't you coming?" came a small voice. "What?" my bonds scraped my skin roughly as I painfully shifted into a sitting position. I blinked back the tears. The girl had taken a stone out of place in the wall and climbed through the wall. "How did you do that?" I gaped. "This tower is supposed to be indestructible!" "Pooh! Legends!" the girl scoffed. "So it's not strong?" "Sure it's strong! But not indestructible. It was a little loose when I first came in here, and I've been working to get it out." "I'm Arwen. Princess Reese, correct?" she asked. "Yeah. How did you know?" I asked, cocking my head to the side a little. "I've been waiting for you." Arwen said, shrugging. Now that sounded kinda freaky. Waiting for me? Finally I found my voice. "Why?" She didn't answer directly. "There are a few other girls here who are all princesses. Allia wants to get rid of all the possible heirs to your parents throne. You must be one of my relations, then." "What?" It dawned again. Arwen was one of my relations, in some way, and Allia wanted to get rid of all the heirs. Arwen crawled outside and popped her head in the cellar. "Coming?" "I can't." I spat, looking down at the ropes. Arwen slid back inside. "Oh." Boots hit the ground and the cellar door slowly opened. Quickly, Arwen pushed the brick in place and sat beside me, holding her head in her hands, crying. I did the same. Well, as best as I could with the ropes around my feet and hands. "You, c'mon." Edmon barked. Arwen stopped crying, choking up fake sobs. "I thought your 'queen' said three days." I barked back as well as I could. "Don't be smart with me, girl, come along." The guard sneered. "I can't. I'm roped." I sneered back. Arwen stifled a giggle. "Quiet, you two! Girl;" the burly man shook his head at Arwen. "Tell the girl the rules. Miss Janie needs two hands." He pulled out a knife from his pocket and snapped my ropes. He pushed us up the stairs and into a small room on the right. He slammed the door behind us. I rubbed my wrists and ankles, red rings swelling where the rope had squeezed. A stumpy fat woman stood, hands on hips, a switch in her hand. She sounded like a talking pig as she spoke. "I expect you are Reese, her Queen Allia's niece." The woman looked me over, her eyes scanning me but her head locked in position. Finally, she spoke. "You two, scrub the hall floors. Arwen, tell the newbie our rules. We don't want trouble, do we?" "No ma'am." Arwen shook her head. "C'mon, Reese!" The woman stalked away. She glanced over her shoulder with a look saying, 'I'm watching you.' I quickly turned away to avoid her cold stare. "So, what are the rules?" I asked, pushing the rusty sponge to the floor back and forth as hard as I could. So came the long and seemingly endless line of rules. I stood up, my back aching from the long bend of scrubbing. I saw a guard walk past and I felt the urge to tell him what I thought of him; sock him in the eye, and save the world. But what could I do? I looked out the rusty window at the mossy tower beside us. I imagined Matthew sitting at the window looking at me. I sighed. "I betcha I'll never get Matthew and myself outa' here; let alone myself." Arwen looked at me. "I know how you feel." She stood up beside me. "Here, I'll show you where our room is." She gave a comforting smile. I shouldn't be complaining, I thought. She's been here way longer than I have! I lightened at the thought that I got to sleep with someone I knew. My heart beat like the grandfather clock I had in my room back at home. I lay on the bed that night, looking up at the cold stone ceiling. I had just been kidnapped that very day. Now I knew what Matthew felt like. Were my parents looking for me? Did they even care? Would they give up just like they gave up looking for Matthew, or would they keep looking? My eyes drifted shut, my thoughts left to spin around and around over and over again in my head. *** "Reese, for the last time, get up!" came a harsh voice. My eyes flickered open, but immediately closed again. "Reese!!" Arwen pushed me this way and that, till finally I landed heavily on the floor. I jerked awake. "I only just went to sleep." I mumbled. Arwen hurried over to her bed, lifted the mattress and pulled out a can opener, and coil of rope. "Get up, or we'll be as good as dead come morning if they see us escaping!" I sat bolt up. "Escaping? Who said anything about escaping?" I looked out the window. Dark. The moon and the few stars were the only night light we would have out there. What if we left and was caught? We would be as good as dead. But then again, if we made it, we'd be free. And if we stayed, I'd regret it, and still be as good as dead. "Coming?" Arwen asked. I gulped. "Yeah. Sure....Y-yes." I swung my knapsack silently over my shoulder. "How are we getting out?" "Don't worry. I got all the necessary equipments." Arwen swept up a rope, and a can opener. She slipped our hay pillows under the thin blankets we had. "Where did you get those?" I asked, seeing she possibly couldn't have any time to grab them before she was kidnapped. "Why didn't you leave before?" "Shhhh! Snatched em from Miss Janie! She didn't even notice. And I told you! I was waiting for you." Arwen whispered. "Explain!" I demanded, yanking her behind the door. "What do you mean?" Arwen lowered her voice so I could barely hear her. "You're the next heir to your father's throne, as you know. There is a book that Allia keeps hidden in a locker on the highest floor. Your father wrote it. It holds all the instructions on how to defeat Allia. With the help of her black magic it won't be easy. These towers are the source of her power, and with the book, we can destroy the towers once and for all. Allia wants you because you're the only one who can destroy the book! The only way she can destroy it is with your necklace. It's the key." "Why me?" I finger my necklace. All I knew about it was that my mother had given it to me from the day I was born. "I don't know. Because! But you can't destroy it or else Allia will use the power from the towers to defeat our Kingdom and take over. I can't believe you don't know any of this!" "It's not my fault I didn't know. No one told me until now!" I defended myself. "There was a book your father was supposed to give you, holding all the information about it. Hasn't he given it?" I shook my head. "I bet Allia stole it." "Exactly." "Well, can't we go out that stone you loosened?" "Of course not." I answered myself. "We still have to get in the next tower." "Exactly." "Well, why are the other girls here?" "I think maybe if you don't do what she wants, then she'll kill everyone." Arwen whispered, and I could hear a hint of fear in her voice. I open my mouth to answer, but heard footsteps and shut my mouth. I didn't dare to move. I felt Arwen tense beside me. A guard stalked into the room, the wooden boards creaking under his every step. Thank goodness we were light and didn't make a sound. The guard scanned the beds, and seeing the lumps under the blankets huffed something like; "That Allia makes me stay up all night just for this!" and he went out of the room, slamming the door behind him. The guard had left something lying on the bed. Arwen winked at me and I tiptoed out of my hiding place and snatched it up. It was a crummy patched, sack t-shirt and a pair of baggy pants. "I can run better in these!" I said to Arwen. Arwen looked at my long flowing dress. "No kidding. Hurry, that guard may come back any time!" I slid behind the door and pulled on the clothes. "So, what's the plan?" I whispered hoarsely when I had finished. "Help me, will you?" Arwen whispered and motioned to the rickety table in the corner, and the small beds. "We'll push it against the door to save some time when-if we get caught." I gulped again. We slowly edged the two beds and the table against the door. In the middle of the room, I tripped and fell to the ground, knocking over the table. Clumsy me! The table crashed to the floor, its' brittle legs cracking. Arwen winced, and I stumbled to my feet, kicking the broken table to the corner on the left. "Reese!" Arwen pushed against the beds, and I ran over and pushed. I heard Arwen's heavy breathing and her heart beating fast. Large boots boomed across the hall floor. "Hey! What's going on in there?" the sound was coming closer now. The door started to wiggle, and I felt the beds pushing against us as we pushed. "Open up!" yelled the guard. "Open up in the name of Queen Allia!!"
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