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My Dog Literally Ate My Homework....
Gemma .

"Hey, Casper, you're a good boy. You deserve a treat," I told my new puppy, who had sandy curly fur. Casper wagged his tail rapidly, a silent and desperate agreement to my statement. I was having bacon for breakfast while doing homework on my bed, and I couldn't resist his cute little face.

He scarfed down half a piece of bacon, but the other half had fallen on my homework sheets, and Casper, being the careless pooch he was, ate the actual paper. "Casper, no!" I bopped his nose but he seemed to take a new liking to these sheets. He took it, bounced off my bed, and ran away from me, who probably looked silly chasing him and tripping over all my clothes and toys that were on the floor. At one point I ran straight into my chair and fell forward onto it, my arms flailing. He snorted on cue, and gave me a look like, "If you want me, come and get me."

"Oh bring it on, punk," I told him.

He scrambled around the room, and finally I had caught the sheets, but ripped it in half. Although, I thought I had gotten the whole sheet because he didn't have anything in his mouth. But apparently, he had eaten it.

A laugh bursted from my throat. No one was going to believe this.

"Laney, your grades in this class are exceptionally low. You never have your work in on time, I can't just simply believe your dog ate you homework. It's an overused excuse and frankly not a very good one. I do not appreciate your dishonesty. Do I need to call your parents?"
"No, absolutely not!" I said frantically, and my mind, in a state of panic, did the only thing it knew to do. "Listen, I'm sorry I lied. The truth is, my boyfriend of 2 years and I just got into a huge fight, and then he got on a plane overseas and I haven't gotten a wink of sleep because he's on the plane and I just am very stressed."
"Thank you, Laney. I appreciate your honesty. Obviously, I will have to dock your grade. But I won't call your parents."

I sighed, returning to the hallway. Sometimes, the truth just wasn't enough for some people. I realized the story about the boy who cried wolf was right. Too many strikes and you're out of the game.

I tried to keep this in mind for the future. Mrs. Forester was right, I couldn't just have late grades all the time, I couldn't make excuses, even if it was a truth or a lie. I just needed to do it. And that, is how my dog ate my homework and I got an extremely important life lesson out of it.

–This wasn't a true story, I found writing prompts online. :) I hope you enjoyed!! xx, Gem
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