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Zielle, I'm so glad you're trying to include actual science in your paper about creationism. I find that many people think we only believe in it because the Bible says so and they have no idea that there is actual scientific data that backs up our beliefs. I believe the Bible is true because there is a lot of historical and scientific evidence for some of it.

In order to prove scientific data, the community has checks and balances where before a scientist can announce their findings as proof, they have to have peer reviews where experts look at how they came to their conclusions and make sure their research and experiments were done correctly. Normally this is a good thing, but sometimes it backfires. With creation science, many scientists feel it would make them look bad to others if they back creationism. So sometimes it is difficult or impossible to get enough peer reviews even if it was done correctly. That can be one reason it's sometimes hard to find information about the science.

(One of my diseases has this same problem, where for years everyone believed it was a made-up disease. Now they have proof it definitely is real, but there is still some trouble getting research funding and scientists involved.)

But I have two organizations I really like who study creation science. Both have websites with great information.
Institute for Creation Research www.icr.org Answers in Genesis www.answersingenesis.org

Hope that helps!
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