Ages: 13-14
Evidence for Creation??
Zielle S.

I'm trying to write an essay for school trying to prove evolution wrong and biblical creation right. But when I research, 'scientific evidence for creation', most of the links are just articles saying that the bible is the proof, and the world is the proof. That's true, but evolutionists don't know that. If we want to tell them that the bible is true, we need to prove it. Scientifically. I know that other creationists do give scientific evidence, but others don't. They say they will give it, but sometimes all their evidence is the bible and intelligent design. Intelligent design is true, but is that enough for someone who doesn't believe in creation? I know it's OK to write an article like that, but it you're going to put in the title, 'Scientific evidence/proof for creation', then actually include science. :P But still, if only people used their brains, they would know that explosions don't create things, that nothing cannot create something, that a watch without a part cannot function properly, and that just because an animal has the same look, bone structure or something like that, it doesn't mean they evolved from a common ancestor. For us, that would be enough proof, maybe. But I don't think it would be enough for an evolutionist. Hehe. Just blurting out my thoughts. Hope that made sense! ;)
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