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How To Reel In Your Readers
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I'll make this quick, because I just spent a ton of time writing through this once, and hit the wrong button instead of submit, and it discarded everything.

So there are mainly two ways that I try to reel in my characters:

Open with an exciting scene, and provide juicy characters.

You've probably all been in this situation: You go to the library or book store, pick out an exciting-sounding book. You get home and get comfy. You finish reading the first couple of chapters, and to your utter disappointment, the story is not interesting.

An action-packed scene is key to reeling in your readers. When I say "action," I don't necessarily mean dangerous action. A wedding could be your action, a family reunion, a farewell to a friend who is leaving for the mission field... anything with a buzz.

It's late, so I can't expand too much, but maybe I will another day. But mostly what I'm saying is open up with something enthralling.

I don't have much advice when it comes to juicy characters, because I fully believe that since the character(s) you create are a part of you, you should be the one to come up with every detail about them!

Here is one thing that I see a lot with budding writers: "The girl had black hair and green eyes." I believe it's more enthralling to mildly acknowledge their looks.

For instance, I'm writing a book, and this is how I convey the two main characters (Ally and Gabe's) looks:

"...the breeze lifted the long, dirty-blonde hair off of my sun-kissed neck. I glanced up at Gabe's handsome face. The mild wind was whipping his brown hair across his forehead. He smiled down at me. His striking blue eyes shimmered in the sunlight."

Now, I didn't have to say, "She had this color hair, and he had this color eyes," but it's clear that Ally has dirty-blonde hair, and Gabe has brown hair and blue eyes. See what I mean??

Like I said, it's late, and I don't have much time to expand on any of this, but I might another day. But I still hope you got something out of this!!

Sorry for the short and sloppy post!!

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