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The Two Towers: Kidnapped | Chapter 2
Zielle S.

Chapter Two - Kidnapped I felt like kicking myself. I stopped in my tracks. "How could you not think of that, Reese?" I groaned. The palace ground walls were far to high to climb, and I couldn't get the gates to open without alarming the watch guard. The light from the watch tower once again scanned the grounds. This went on all night long, protecting the palace. A thought crept into my head. My friend Aaron and my brother, Matthew, had found a secret door entering the palace grounds, just behind my garden. I never used it before, I had never thought too. I grinned to myself. "I'm coming, Matthew!" I just had to find Matthew. I had no idea how. I just knew that I had too. I ran through the palace gardens, ducking behind bushes, trees or fountains whenever the light passed my way. I gave a small cry as one of my heeled shoes tripped to the side and I crumpled to the ground. I pulled them of my feet, disgusted. If only I had better shoes to run in. Crawling deeper into the shadows, I pulled my knapsack of my back and tried to stuff my shoes into the bag for next time. They wouldn't fit. I groaned. A leafless bush lay beside me. I knew it wouldn't hide them much, but it was some coverage so I pushed them as far back as I could and piled clumps on them. I rubbed my bruised ankle and limped on through the palace grounds. Thankfully it wasn't swelling. A light from the watch tower loomed dangerously close to me and I darted behind a fig tree. It turned out it wasn't such a good idea to hide behind a bald tree, and the light glared in my eyes. I leaped up and ran on, this time slipped behind a thick oak tree. Winter wasn't such a great time to run away, but it was also a time if you didn't want anyone running after you. A greenery, which was my garden, greeted me in the moonlight. I got on my knees behind a tangle of tall grass and bushes, branches sticking out in all directions. A little wooden door just big enough for me to fit through stood at the wall. I turned the knob and crawled through. I shivered. Should I turn back? An owl's hoot rang in my ears close by. I heard a rustle in the bushes and jumped, spinning around, my knapsack clasped at my chest. My breath came out in small huffs. A small rabbit popped out of the bushes, cocking its head to the side then it bounded down the narrow path into the forest. I laughed at myself and loosened the clutch on my knapsack. Just a rabbit. I walked along, the moon shining my way. I ran down a path leading to the forest. The town was in the opposite direction. I didn't want to go through the town and risk getting caught. I slowed my pace, my eyes drooping a little. I walked for as long as I could till I felt I couldn't anymore. I groaned. I couldn't see much in the forest, the leaves looming above blocking out any ray of moonlight. I looked back, and saw the winding path I had taken. I had walked for at least an hour and my legs called to me, begging me to take a rest. A big tree stood in the distance. I hurried over to it. It might be hollow. It was, to my delight. Edging into the tree, I lay down, spreading my blanket from the knapsack over me. My eyes closed and I drifted of to sleep. Next thing I knew, a big hairy hand clamped over my mouth and sharp ropes cut into my skin. I choked on a dirty cloth tied around my mouth and I was thrown onto the back of a horse. "Let me go!" I tried to scream, but it was useless. A figure was behind me and another in front, squishing the daylights out of me. I kicked out, but ropes bound my legs. Everything was blurry. I wiggled, nodding my head to try and get the gag of of me. A hand pressed me firmly down and I gasped for breath. I'd never find Matthew now. Tears stung my eyes and my weariness brought me to another unsettled sleep. *** "Wake up!" a harsh voice commanded. My eyes fluttered open. It was all so blurry again. A man leaned over me, a grim look on his face. My eyes fell on a sight. Two tall towers, the tallest I had ever seen stood before us. Moss grew up and down the walls, spiders nesting in the hanging webs. The Two Towers. I thought. The Two Towers were known for their cruel strength, impossible to break or escape from. I shivered at the thought. Pain surrounded my ankles and wrists as my bindings cut into my skin. "Tirrian, should we take her in now?" I heard a gruff voice above me. Tirrian, the man holding me, pulled me to my feet and dragged me inside the towers. I could barely breath from the stench of the gag around my mouth. We reached a flight of stairs, and the man named Tirrian lifted me on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. I dared not move, in case he dropped me of the railing-less stairs. We finally reached the top where I could see someone sitting on a high chair in the middle of the highest room. Tirrian bowed, pushing me on my knees in the process. I winced. Ouch. He ripped the gag of my mouth and I breathed in the musty air thankfully. I looked up. "A-aunt Allia?"
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