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Hey everyone! I have a word of encouragement to all of you!

When I was younger, I loved to write. I've been writing since 1st or 2nd grade. At first, it was spinoffs of my favorite books/movies (once I wrote a book where my best friend and I ended up in Narnia and married Edmund and Peter - haha). My dream has always been to become a best-selling author when I grow up. However... I've never thought I had the talent. Sure, I could make up great and enticing stories in my head, but (as I'm sure all of you can relate) it came out WAY differently on paper. I still struggle with this.

Anyways, I had written a book series a couple of years ago for me and my sister. I lost it, which was devastating, since I had dedicated much time to writing the four books. Luckily, my sister recently found them (thanks, sis!). I was reading over them, and it struck me.
I've come a long way in writing.
I've been working on a new book (which I may post later along), and comparing the two (old and new), the newest was significantly better! It sounded much more like a real book. I'm not saying that I'm a professional writer, because that is FAR from true! What I am saying, however, is that in two years, with much practice, I've come a long way in my books.


That may be what some of you are thinking. Maybe when some of you think of practicing something, you think of sitting down for a (boring) hour or two and writing the same things over and over again. But, honestly, I "practiced" writing without even realizing it! Writing continuously is practice! By writing fun stories all the time, you're practicing! Practice makes perfect ;)

Also, I've always struggled with getting bored with my books. I'll start out zealously, and the beginning will be full of juicy details and places, but then, slowly, I'll get less and less interested in my own book! I'll be eager to finish and start something new, which will result in fast and sloppy endings.

I read this online, and it's really helped me. It said that when you get tired of writing the same book for a long time period, choose a random word - they used 'pineapple' - and create a really goofy short story with the word. Switching to something completely new for a little bit really helps. So if you're working on a mystery, you might want to take a quick break and work on a comedy. Just a short story - a paragraph or so. But, believe it or not, it really helps! Also, I've heard that people have certain "writing times." It's a time for that specific person, where they have the most ideas. For instance, I have a hard time writing during the day. But I can write fluently late at night! Everybody's writing time is different, so find yours!

To boil things down, here's my encouragement: DON'T STOP WRITING, EVEN IF YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE NOT GOOD. You're ALWAYS making progress! If you practice, you'll come a long way in your writing!!

I'll close with something I heard recently. It was not used in the context of writing, but I believe it can fit perfectly! Here it is:

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