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Alpha Quest I: The Dark Moon l Chapter Two
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Two: HawkTail's Jealousy

StormCloud ran to the room behind the stage to prepare his Omega Gaurd cadet troop for inspection before the announcement of the competitors that were chosen to compete to become the Alpha of the school. The chosen students would work alongside the principle to help run the school, and someday maybe even become Alpha of the entire town. SkyLeaf and the others made their way to the seats the banner painters always received and sat down to wait for the announcement to begin.
Around them, the rest of the school was filing in while they debated over who they thought would be chosen.
A few minutes later, a troop of Omega cadets marched onto the stage and set up the banners.
"Wow!" TigerFang said "yours looks so cool!"
"Thanks." SkyLeaf said.
The Omega cadets began marching onto the stage.
In front of the fourth troop, StormCloud was leading seven other cadets into place.
SkyLeaf waved to him, and he nodded back, since he was not supposed to wave.
They all stood stiffly at attention as the Alpha made his way onto the stage, inspecting the cadets as he went.
When he reached the center of the stage, he nodded and spun around to address the crowd.
"Students and cadets," Alpha began. "Today is the day that five students will be chosen to compete for qualification to become Alpha. If I call your name, you will come up on the stage and select a cadet to accompany you on your journey. You all know what it means when you pick a cadet, if you studied, of course, so choose wisely."
Alpha called names off of a list of five students, and the last name was called.
"And the final student," Alpha said. "SkyLeaf."
SkyLeaf's mouth dropped open in shock. Everyone around her glanced at her in surprise.
"You," MoonFur hissed through her teeth. "Will pay for taking my place."
"It wasn't your place." BlueWing said. "You never deserved it."
SkyLeaf pulled herself to her feet and ran up the steps to the stage.
"Choose your companion." Alpha encouraged.
SkyLeaf turned toward the cadets, and only then did she realize that she had never really met any cadets other than StormCloud.
She glanced at StormCloud, he was sweating, and he looked very nervous.
Alpha handed her a pin with the Alpha Symbol on it.
SkyLeaf stepped forward and pinned it on StormCloud's uniform beside the Omega Gaurd symbol.
StormCloud released a relieved sigh and grinned at her.
SkyLeaf stepped back to join the line of competitors, and StormCloud followed.
"The competitors will meet at the base of Mount Fang at sunrise tomorrow morning." Alpha said. "Today is considered a holiday, so there will be no school today. The assembly is dismissed. I hope you all have a wonderful day!"
The cadets led the way off the stage, and the students followed.
"Well, um," SkyLeaf began. "Would you guys like to come over to my house for lunch?"
"Sure!" BlueWing and FireTail both said at once, and BlueWing started giggling.
"Yeah," StormCloud said. "I'd like that."
"HawkTail?" SkyLeaf said.
HawkTail grumbled something under his breath, and gave StormCloud a jealous glare.
StormCloud raised an eyebrow at him.
"I guess you're not coming then." SkyLeaf said disappointedly.
"No!" HawkTail said. "I'm coming! I just... Never mind."
"Come on, StormCloud!" SkyLeaf said. "It's almost lunchtime, and I want you to meet my mom before- Ow!"
MoonFur shoved SkyLeaf off her feet.
StormCloud grabbed MoonFur by the collar of her shirt and lifted her a few inches off the ground.
"Put me down!" MoonFur screamed.
"Don't touch her." StormCloud growled.
StormCloud dropped her, and she scurried away from him.
"Are you okay?" StormCloud asked as he pulled SkyLeaf to her feet.
"Yeah," SkyLeaf replied. "My tail is just a little sore, thanks."
She flicked her tail back and forth a few times to make sure it wasn't broken.
"I was worried your tail would be broken!" BlueWing said. "Remember that time when you fell off the ladder when you were working on that sculpture of Sto-"
SkyLeaf clapped her hand over BlueWing's mouth.
"Err..." StormCloud mumbled. "I'll just pretend I didn't hear that."
HawkTail made an odd growling noise.
"You okay?" TigerFang asked.
"Yes!" HawkTail snapped. "I'm fine!"
"Okay!" TigerFang said. "You don't have to get so defensive."
"StormCloud," SkyLeaf said. "I want to introduce you to my mom before lunch, come on!"
SkyLeaf grabbed his arm and dragged him along.
"See you guys later!"
"So," BlueWing turned to HawkTail. "Somebody's jealous?"
"I saw how you glared at StormCloud."
"No I didn't!"
"Come on!" FireTail interrupted. "Let's go get ready for lunch!"

"Mom!" SkyLeaf called. "I brought a friend over!"
No answer.
"I think I saw her in the yard, but I haven't ever met her before, so..." StormCloud said.
SkyLeaf popped her head out the back door.
"Mom?" She called. "I'm home! And I invited BlueWing and some other friends over for lunch."
"You did?" Her mother replied.
"Remember when you said I could have friends over for meals as long as I cook?" SkyLeaf said.
"Yes," Mrs. Leaf said. "I did say that, didn't I?"
"And also," SkyLeaf said. "I want to introduce you to someone! Come on!"
Her mother hauled herself up from the flowerbeds and followed SkyLeaf inside.
"StormCloud?" SkyLeaf said. "Where'd you go?"
"I'm in the living room." He replied, peeking out the doorway.
"Mom, I want you to meet StormCloud." SkyLeaf said as she led her mother into the living room.
"It's nice to finally meet you, StormCloud," Mrs. Leaf said. "I've heard a lot about you."
"It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Leaf." StormCloud said.
He held out his hand, send SkyLeaf's mother shook it.
"Mom," SkyLeaf said. "I need to talk to you about something in private."
"Sure." Mrs. Leaf said. "Excuse us for a moment."
SkyLeaf led her around a corner.
"What did you want to talk about?" She asked.
"I got chosen." SkyLeaf said.
"You did!?" Mrs. Leaf said. "That's great!"
"Yes, but StormCloud was the only cadet I knew, so I had to choose him, and I just wanted to make sure you aren't mad at me."
"Sky, I'm not mad at you, I understand, and also I know you trust him. It's okay."
"Thanks, Mom." SkyLeaf hugged her.
"Now, let's start getting lunch ready."
SkyLeaf ran back to the kitchen.
"StormCloud," SkyLeaf said. "Do you like venison?"
"Of course!" StormCloud said as he strolled into the kitchen. "Who wouldn't?"
"I'm going to make venison steaks for lunch." SkyLeaf said.
"Cool!" StormCloud said. "It sounds delicious!"
There was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it for you." StormCloud said.
StormCloud ran to the window and peeked out.
"It's BlueWing, FireTail, HawkTail, and TigerFang." StormCloud said.
He opened the door.
"Mmmm." TigerFang said. "Something smells good!"
"SkyLeaf is making her special venison steaks for lunch." StormCloud said.
"Come on in!" Mrs. Leaf said.
"You're going to love her venison," BlueWing said as she stepped in. "She is an amazing cook."

As you can see from the title, I named Alpha Quest I!
Heard By God, I really need the character details now.
Happy writing!

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