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Ages: 11-12
A Ghost for a Friend l Chapter Two: Baby Pictures
Sophia Snipes

Dec. 3
6:00 A.M.

Ash awoke the next morning to find Matthew sitting cross legged in the corner of her room.
"What are you looking at?" Ash asked.
"Just an old photo album," Matthew replied. "You have cute baby pictures."
Ash darted over and snatched the album from him. Matthew had opened it to a large picture of Ash as a baby, her mother chasing after her with a fresh diaper.
"Can you not search through my stuff?" Ash said.
"Ash!" A voice shouted. "Time to come down for breakfast!"
"I'll get her!" Another voice said.
Matthew shimmered out of view just before Ash's little brother burst through the door.
"Coming!" Ash said as she stood and stretched. "Good morning, Jon."
"Ash" Jon said. "It's morning!"
"Yup." Ash replied. "Mmmm, I smell biscuits."
"Mom said they're for Dad to take to his new job." Jon said.
"Okay." Ash said as she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Good morning, Ash." Mrs. Lynn said.
"Good morning." Ash yawned. "I'm still tired."
"Breakfast should help you wake up," Mrs. Lynn said. "Your oatmeal is on the table and the raisins are on the counter."
"Thanks, Mom." Ash said as she grabbed the raisins off the counter and sat down at the table.

Sorry about the late chapter, I have this story written down in a notebook, and last night when I tried to post this chapter for some reason it signed me out when I hit the submit button. I was posting it right before bed, so I didn't have time to write all of it again.
Happy writing!

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