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When Gods Fall: Part 1 (writing improvement hehe)
Heard by God

There is a legend, where the three gods, Chimera, Warhol and Aurora suddenly disappeared after helping their people for so long. Only then, were their people divided. The three gods have kept the people at peace, but when they disappeared, their appointed leaders became cruel, evil and unjust. and it was only at this time, tragedies were about to happen....

"Launch the Gyriad." someone said. Dr. Laurence looked up. "Are you sure?!" The figure replied, "Yes. It's about time we got to kill them." The screen showed a city....

"Fort Portugal."

4 years earlier...

I was only doing my job as a farmer, when my friends Shinook and Ziq called me. "Sam! Come here! We found something!" I quickly put down my scythe, gave it back to Mr. Scythe, and ran to Shinook and Ziq.

We found a dead body. I looked closely at the face. "Oh my gosh..." I said. "It's Astrid" Astrid! One of the best leaders in the town, dead. We were absolutely terrified. Gliss and Sasha followed us, and the five of us were scared. "The wound is fresh" Gliss said. "It only means the killer is still here."

I looked up, and a black figure raced past. It was too fast. I couldn't see the guy. Shinook and Ziq looked back. "What was that?" Ziq said. A scream was heard. We raced to the sound, and found two more dead people. "We have to call for help!"

Two hours later, the three bodies were taken away. It was all mysterious. We couldn't take a lead in who did it, or why he did it. Murders were very rare as this land was peaceful. No crime was ever found.

"Who did it?" "Why?" The crime raged the people. More and more crimes were made. I was getting confused. Crime evolved into raiding buildings, raining arrows, and mass murders. Everyone was confused.

Frustration turned into panic. The people panicked. Finally, one guy named Krith spoke up. I listened to him for a while. "Our gods have left us.. we are divided because of them! We have no king, no ruler, and people do not want us to substitute them! This is rebellion!" The three words turned the congregation against each other. I left extremely tired. Rebellion?!

The rebels called themselves The Third Party, while those who didn't rebel called themselves Star Sages.

The rebels started small. They sent raiding parties to shoot arrows at buildings, destroy monuments, kill one of the Hexes. The Star Hexes retaliated by sending front lines against the Third Party.

Finally, after three tiring and devastating years, war was finally called. War! War?! Who are we fighting with? Ziq was horrified. Shinook fainted. We couldn't take sides. No, we can't!

My worst nightmares happened. Shinook took a side! He chose the Third Party.. he rebelled! No! I couldn't believe it. Ziq joined the Star Sages. I didn't want to choose a side, no! We're fighting against our brothers, our sisters, our friends!

I wondered and worried everyday, wondering what was going to happen. I missed the days where the days were green. Our gods showed us where to go, told us what we needed, what we can do. I wasn't taking any side, I swear!

Until I realized...

I was the only one who hasn't taken a side.
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