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The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey l Chapter Seven
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Seven: The Order of Ice

"What's a Summoner?" Tado asked.
"It means that you can summon different animals in battle, or become an animal." Midnight replied. "But what you did was far above your skill lev-"
"They are coming back!" Dragoslava said.
"Let's go." Conall said.

Saldumaur knelt in front of a massive bronze dragon head.
"Master," He began. "General Korg's ambush has failed. We should find a new general, someone clever, someone who can-"
"No!" A voice boomed. The entire room shook as it spoke. "Send the mercenaries to intercept them in Ice Forest. If they fail, fetch the assassin and his companion."
When the room was silent, Saldumaur hurried out the door, careful to lock it behind him.

"Wow." Tado said. "This place is amazing!"
He reached out to touch an icy spike.
"Don't touch that!" Midnight said as he grabbed Tado's hand. "It will freeze your fingers."
Tado pulled his hand back from the branch of the icy tree.
"Make sure you stay in the middle of the path," Conall added. "Just to be safe."
Tado shuffled back to the center of the path.
"Look!" Dragoslava said. "Between the trees, there is something moving!"
Just then, a group of knights in silver armor burst through the icy trees.
"Conall," Midnight said. "Get help!"
Conall wrapped his cloak tightly around himself, and disappeared from view.
"We are the Order of Ice," The knight in the lead said. "Surrender and we will take you to our master peacefully."

Sorry about the short chapter, I'm at the point where I need all the details of Heard By God's character to continue writing.
Happy writing!

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