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Alpha Quest I l Chapter One
Sophia Snipes

Chapter One

The sun was rising over the ridge of mountains in the distance, and the early rising shopkeepers were arranging their booths, or setting up their shelves and preparing to open.
In one ordinary looking house, our main character was stirring.

"Sky! Time to wake up!"
SkyLeaf shot up from her bed, and nearly ran down the stairs before she remembered to change into her school uniform.
After changing, SkyLeaf half ran, half fell down the stairs and into the kitchen.
She jumped in her chair so fast it skidded a few inches. She scooted her chair back to its place, and began scarfing down her breakfast stew.
"Don't choke yourself, Sky!" Her mom said.
"But today is Choosing day!" SkyLeaf said. "I have to be at school extra early to help paint the Alpha's banners, remember? I got chosen to help!"
She finished off her stew.
"Well," Her mom said. "Hurry along like a good little werewolf, and don't be late!"
SkyLeaf hopped out of her chair and hurried out the door of her house.
"Bye, Mom!" She shouted over her shoulder.
She rushed up the main road, and up to the base of Mount Fang, where her school sat, overlooking the entire town.
The sun was barely peaking over the ridge of mountains off to the east, casting its golden light on the glistening quartz walls of the werewolf school.
SkyLeaf ran to the storage closet, where she took two cans of paint, one royal blue, and the other golden, and hurried to the art room, where four other students were waiting, each had a banner and a brush ready to paint the Alpha's symbol.
"I can't believe they picked me to paint the central banner!" SkyLeaf said. "Alpha is going to stand right underneath it!"
"I know!" BlueWing said. "That's so cool!"
"They should have picked me," HawkTail complained. "I'm way more experienced than you are."
"He's just jealous." TigerFang said.
"My brother is just mad because he's painted banners for Alpha three years straight, and still hasn't gotten the central banner." FireTail said.
"With an attitude like that, Alpha will never pick you." BlueWing said.
"Let's get started," SkyLeaf said. "We don't want our banners to drip paint on Alpha's head!"
SkyLeaf picked up her paint brush and dipped it in the blue paint. She spread the paint over the entire banner with expert strokes. After the layer of blue paint was dry, SkyLeaf took a tiny detail brush from a bucket full of art supplies, and began carefully painting the Alpha's symbol in the center with gold paint.
"Hey," a voice said from the doorway. "Alpha sent me to check on you."
"Hi StormCloud!" SkyLeaf said. "We're almost finished!"
HawkTail grumbled something under his breath.
"Don't be so grumpy," BlueWing said. "It's an honor to paint any banners for Alpha!"
"Not when you've done it this many times." HawkTail snapped.
FireTail rolled his eyes.
StormCloud leaned over SkyLeaf's shoulder.
"I've never seen anyone put those little blue gem details in the Alpha's symbol before." StormCloud said.
"Alpha told me that he didn't want the central banner to look exactly the same as everyone else's banners." SkyLeaf said.
"Cool." StormCloud said. "I like it."
"Thanks." SkyLeaf said.
SkyLeaf's keen wolf ears caught the words BlueWing whispered to FireTail.
"If she gets chosen, I bet she'll pick StormCloud as the leader of the Omega Guard" BlueWing whispered.
"I do too," FireTail replied. "I couldn't see her with anyone else, plus, StormCloud is in the Omega training program."
FireTail glanced up at them and realized SkyLeaf and StormCloud were watching them, their faces reddening.
"Are you done painting?" SkyLeaf asked.
BlueWing glanced up and realized the entire classroom had heard everything they said.
HawkTail was quietly snickering, while TigerFang kept coughing in an attempt to hide his laughter.
"Sorry..." BlueWing said.
"We're done" FireTail said.
MoonFur bursts into the room
"Alpha said you were taking too long to finish, hurry up!" She said. "He definitely won't chose slowpokes like you!"
"Actually," SkyLeaf said. "The longer you spend on a painting, the better it will be, Alpha knows that."
"I don't think he sent you either..." StormCloud said.
"Oops!" MoonFur pretended to trip, and knocked over a can of bright pink paint sitting on the shelf above SkyLeaf's banner.
"No!" SkyLeaf cried.
Within the few second before the paint can spilled all over the banner, StormCloud drew his Omega Guard throwing knife and sent it flying to intercept the can with a flick of his wrist. It went flying off towards an empty wall, and was pinned there by the knife, not a drop spilt on the banner.
MoonFur glared at him.
"Reflexes." StormCloud shrugged.
"It was an accident." MoonFur said innocently.
SkyLeaf raised her fist in preparation to attack.
StormCloud held her back.
"You'll only get yourself in trouble." StormCloud whispered to her.
She lowered her fist and took a deep breath.
MoonFur sneered and turned to StormCloud.
"Come on StormCloud," she said. "Cool kids don't hang around with losers."
"These are my friends," StormCloud growled. "I don't follow people who try to hurt them."
Unable to to think of a reply, MoonFur whipped around and stomped out the door.
"I'm sorry...." SkyLeaf said. "I shouldn't have reacted that way."
"We all lose our temper once in a while." StormCloud said.
StormCloud pulled his knife out of the paint can, and it clattered to the floor.
He wiped the knife off with a paint stained towel sitting on a shelf.
"We'd better get to the auditorium and tell Alpha that you're done." StormCloud said.
"Let's go." SkyLeaf said.

Sorry about the late chapter, I had a busy Saturday.
Happy writing!

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