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A Ghost for a Friend l Chapter One: Not All Ghosts are Scary
Sophia Snipes

Dec. 2
10: 03 pm

Ever since Ash stepped into her new home, she knew there was something odd about this house, it was almost like someone was watching her.
Her first night in her new bedroom, she was sure she saw a pair of eyes peaking around the doorframe before they disappeared.
She closed her eyes and assumed she had imagined it.
A few minutes passed.



"Ah!" Ash bolted upright.
"Sorry," a voice said. "Did I wake you?"
"Aahh!!" Ash screamed, backing as far up her bed as she could.
Ash looked around for a moment before she realized a misty shape was standing by an overturned suitcase.
"Who are you?" Ash asked.
"My name's Matthew." The shape said.
"What are you going to do to me?" Ash asked, her hands trembling with fear.
"If I wanted to hurt you, this entire neighborhood would be on fire," Matthew laughed. "But I wouldn't destroy my own house."
"Oh..." Ash said.
She watched him for a moment, and realized he had white hair.
"Yes," Matthew said. "Most Ghosts have white hair."
"You can read my mind?" Ash said.
Matthew nodded.
"Um," Ash began. "My name is Ash."
"I know." Matthew said.
Matthew waved his hand and Ash fell into a deep sleep.

Hey everybody!
If the first part of this chapter seemed different from the sneak peek, it's because I made some changes to the original story.
Happy writing!

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