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Why I Didn't Post on Saturday
Sophia Snipes

Over the weekend I was planning to post a chapter like I said I would, and hears why I didn't.
On Friday, some family came over to my house and my younger sister and I went to their house with them. On the way there, we stopped at a toy store since Sunday was my sister's birthday. We bought her a present and some Nerf guns (if some of you didn't know, Nerf guns are plastic toy guns that shoot soft foam darts). When we got to the house, we had a battle with the Nerf guns. Afterward we played Star Wars Battlefront, while dinner was being prepared.
On Saturday, my sister had a Martial Arts belt test, and she earned her White/Yellow belt. We went out to eat at a restaurant called Freddy's and went home to have another Nerf battle.
On Sunday we got up in the morning and went to church, when we came home my sister played with her birthday present, and we played some more Star Wars Battlefront, played a board game, and then we had to go home.
So I didn't have much time to write.
Happy writing!

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