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Alpha Quest I l Prologue l Another New Story!
Sophia Snipes


The Alpha Council sat at their round table in the secret meeting room.
"I think the Cloud family's boy should qualify." One of the Council members said.
"No," The Alpha said. "He's only first year. The Leaf's girl makes much more sense."
"All in favor?" Another Council member said.
All nodding heads.
"Then it is decided," the Alpha announced. "All the competitors are chosen. We will announce it to the school first thing tomorrow morning!"
The Alpha dismissed his Council with a wave of his hand .

Okay, so, I know three stories at a time is kind of a lot, so here's my plan: I'm going to post a chapter every Saturday. This Saturday I might not be posting a chapter because I just did, but if I do, it will be A Ghost For a Friend, next Saturday will be Alpha Quest I, and after that, The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey, and then it keeps going in that order.
Happy writing!

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