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Hey Ya'll! I haven't been on in a LONG time!
But anyway, let me get straight to the point... One of my sister's friends and I are writing a book together! I'll submit the story as we go along, but it's not going as quickly as we hoped. What I'm trying to say is that it won't be a pattern like "a chapter a day" or "a chapter a week." It may be two weeks before I post another chapter.
Sorry if that didn't make any sense!
So today, I'll tell you what it is about.
It takes place in the 1950s (and who doesn't LOVE the 50s??). A girl (Penny Maxine Wells) is going off to college. But while she's there, her parents inform her that her twin brother (who supposedly dies at birth) is alive. Penny, of course, is shocked.
She meets a rising detective (Judah Elliot, we don't have a last name yet), and puts him to the job of finding her missing brother.
So caught up in the job, Judah ignores the rising feelings he has for Penny. Until finally, they stop fighting it off, and they start dating.
Later, Judah makes a gripping discovery... Penny's twin brother may be closer to them than he thought.
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