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Ages: 11-12
Chasing Through Time - 3
Heard by God

“Where’s the tracking device?” “I dunno, it just fell down.” You widen your eyes in surprise. “Benedict? I hear voices, and they know about the device!” Two men with red metal armor, covered from head to foot, with blue lights and laser beam guns fall from the sky, and landed 40 yards ahead of you, unharmed and standing. You quickly hide behind a rock. “Let me check on it.” the first man said. The second man said, “Wait is that it?” and the two men come toward you.

“There he is!” the two men run to you. One man fires a laser beam at the rock. “Wait, what!?” you say. The other man takes out an elite laser sword and runs to you. You start to run. The two men are faster than you, so you take your horse and trot off. The horse outruns the two men, but another one chases you with a spacecraft.

“Benedict!” “Yes?” “HELP ME!!” you say as the laser beam from the spacecraft fires at you. Benedict teleports you 100 yards away. A huge array of light beams on you. You can feel yourself going up in the sky. Wind was splashing in your face. Suddenly, you land on a dark room.

“You have broken the laws of time.” a voice said. “Uh, yeah. Who is this?” you ask. An old man appears in front of you. “I am Father Time.”

“Ooooh, so your the old dude myth everybody was talking about?” you say. “I am not a myth.” Father Time replies. “Hey Benedict…” you think to him. “Yes?” “Where are we?” “I have no idea. We may be in a base outer space. Hey that rhymes!”

“You have broken the laws of Time, young man.” Father Time said. “Yeah, you said that already.” you reply. “Eh, by the way, what are the laws of Time?” Father Time replies, “You cannot go back in time, or travel to the future. You have broken it, so I must punish you.” Benedict says to you, “Uh -oh.”

Father Time says, “You choose, 32 years in prison, or death.” You reply, “The prison one.” Two men search you first. “Aaand they found the device. Great.” Benedict says. Father Time says, “So you want this device to lead you to the Time Core? Not so fast.” You think, “So the device leads me to the Time Core? Yess!” Then the two men lock you in a room. Cameras were everywhere. “Benedict..” “Yeah, what’s up?” “Do you mind tracking the device and where it is?” “I found it a few kilometers away from here.” “I’m sorry, what? A few kilometers?” “That would mean three to five kilometers.”

“Lunch time!” a man says. He puts in a tray with delicious roasted chicken, goat’s milk and corn with rice, with pork chop and yogurt. “Ha! That’s the worst food we have!” and he slams the door. “This is the worst?” you ask. Benedict says, “To be honest, that’s the best looking food in your time period.” “I guess I’ll eat it. It does look good though.”

After the guard takes out your tray, you say, “Benedict, scan the door for me and see what metal it’s made of.” Benedict replies, “I have not found any metal that matches with this!” “Aww, really?”

“Gimme like a crowbar or something.” A baseball bat appears in front of you. “Uh, what?” Benedict replies,”I couldn’t find anything else. It appears they might have played baseball.” “Huh, let’s see what we got.” You bang the door with the bat. The bat gets broken. “Man, it’s no use.” you say. For the next few weeks you stay in the room, stuffing yourself with the delicious “worst” food there.

Finally you get an idea on how to get out. “Can’t you teleport me out, Benedict?” Benedict replies, “I’d have to see where I’m putting you. So yeah, I can’t” You think for a while. “Teleport the door?” “Good idea!.” Benedict teleports the door out. “Great! Direct me into some deck where the spacecrafts are, Benedict.” Benedict replies, “Go forward, then left.” …. “Right and then left.”

“Benedict!” you shout while running “Yeah?” “There’s a gap!” “Well, this is the shortest way, and I’m sure they’re after you by now. What do you want do?”

Green Smiley - Jump
Clown - Turn back and ask Benedict for a different way.
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