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FW4Kids website problems
Amy Sparrow (mod)

Hi Kids, as most of you have figured out, the FaithWriters site is having some occasional problems. We've switched to a new company hosting the websites and they are trying to work out the glitches. When you post articles, sometimes they won't go through. This is happening on both the adult site and here on the kid site.

This is a good reminder that you should always write your stories in another place where you can save them on your computer, and then copy them into the FW page. Even when the site isn't acting up, it's very easy to lose all your hard work if you write it here in the submit box. Any kind of internet glitch can mean you would lose your writing.

So please, write all your work in a program on your computer, save it, and then copy it into this website.

They are working hard to try to fix the problems so things are posting right. Thanks for your patience in the mean time.
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