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Chasing Through Time - 2
Heard by God

You head closer to the sound. BUM BUM BUM. You take an emergency axe on the wall. Suddenly, you hear glass break. You look at the hallway which leads to your room. A few zombies rush in. While you were looking, the wall suddenly bursts open. Half the body of a zombie breaks in. You hit the zombie with the axe. More zombies pour in.

You rush to the hallway. Soldiers step out with guns. Ping Ping Ping Ping, Vroom!!. A rocket hit a few zombies. Debris block the zombies. Another door opens with zombies pouring in. You see zombies take down scientists and hold their heads. You see a blue ray of light covering the scientists’ heads. “Wierd. Some kind of scanning power by the virus.” You hear Dr. Jill shout, “Come here, T14!” You follow Dr. Jill in a room.

You see the machine right ahead of you. “Quick! In the Time Machine!” You step in the machine. Strings pierce your skin. Dr. Jill closes the door. Glass sliding doors automatically close all hallways. “Wait! What about you?” you say.

Dr. Jill replies, “Don’t worry! I’m going to be safe. Trust me!” She takes a computer device and starts typing codes. “This should bring you 8 years ago!” Dr. Jill says. “What about you!?” you ask. Dr. Jill replies, “I told you T14, I’m going to be fine. I’ve called emergency soldiers in another base. They’re comi-“ CRASH! Zombies start rushing to Dr. Jill. Dr. Jill presses a button. “NOOO!!” You shout as you see Dr. Jill getting infected. Dr. Jill shouts, “I forgot to tell you!” You shout back, “Say it now!” She replies, “You’re not the only one- AAAUAUGH!!”

While you were shouting, Dr. Jill accidentally presses something while being infected. Her hand was holding the button for 43 seconds, making you go through the wrong time period, and the wrong place.

You find yourself in the middle of a lot of tents. Suddenly, you hear a trumpet, and what you think are a million soldiers run down the hill with torches and crashing pitchers. “Oh come on! Another fight?” You hear the opposing army shout some language that you don’t understand.

The device connected to you suddenly says, “Would you like me to translate that for you?” You’re surprised. You say, “You can talk?” The device replies, “Of course I can. I am an AI, and my name is Benedict.” “Well, alright Benedict. What time period are we in, and what are they saying?” Benedict replies, “You are in the time period 1199 BC, and what they are saying is ‘A sword for the
Lord and for Gideon!’”

“Oh really?! This place is 400 years ago!” “4000 years, my friend. Not exact, though.” You start to run. The camp around you goes crazy. The tents burn up, and soldiers fall down. The night sky was well lit as torches were letting the tents go ablaze. “ I forgot to ask, where are we?” you say while you are running. Benedict replies, “Israel.” You say, “Who’s fighting?” “Israelis versus the
Midianites, possibly the Saudi Arabians.” “Great” you say.

“I recommend not going to that direction.” Benedict says. “You’re just saying that now!?” you say as you swerve to the left “Did you hear what Dr.Jill said right before we were here?” “I was not activated before you ended up in this time period.” “Really?!”

You see a city in front of you. “There’s a city!” Suddenly, clothes that are from this time period fell out of the sky. “Benedict! You scared me!” Benedict replied, “I teleported clothes from this time period so people won’t get too suspicious.” You think, “Guess he had a point.”

You enter the city, and you hear someone say, “How much is this?” You think, “What? Something’s wrong..” Benedict says in your mind, “I took control of your ears and allowed it to understand the language around here. I also changed the language of your mouth, so even if you hear yourself speak English, it’s Israeli to others.” You think back, “Thanks, Benedict.”

“Go forward and left. There’s an inn there which you could stay“. “Hey, Benedict, how long should I stay, and how many Israeli dollar-?” “Shekels” “How many Israeli shekels do I have?” Benedict replied, “You have 9,300 shekels.”

You say, “Wait. Can’t you just teleport me to the place where I need to be and in that time period?” Benedict replies, “I can teleport you to the exact same place, but I do not have the ability to let you travel back in time. You will have to find a Time Core and its keys. Without the keys you cannot activate the Time Core and travel back through time.”

“Augh, really?!” you say. “That’s got to be tiring!” Benedict replies, “Eh, I don’t really care. Go get yourself a job here. I’ll be offline to not disturb you.”

Benedict is now offline. You say, “Great. What am I gonna do here? I guess I’ll just get myself a job and earn some money.” You set off to find a job.

Benedict comes online after 30 minutes. “Find a job yet?” he asks. “Nope. Not yet. What jobs are there?” you reply. Benedict replies, “Carpenter, Farmer, Soldier, Artisan, Fisherman, Shepherd, Herder. Loads more.” “What are the ‘loads more’?” you ask. Benedict replies, “Hold on, I’m still processing on how many mor-.” “Never mind, I’ll go Fisherman.”

You become a fisherman and earn over 43,000 shekels. “Benedict..” “Yeah, what’s up?” “How much does it take to buy a horse or a donkey?” “13,000 is probably enough. Go ahead and buy a horse. I’ll be offline for a while.”

You buy a horse, and you go traveling to the world. Suddenly something falls from the sky. “Huh?” you say. You get off your horse and investigate the object. “Is this some kind of tracking device?” you think hard. “Benedict?” “I’m here.” “What is this?” “I have no idea, T14. Maybe it’s a compass or a tracking device that the zombies in the lab may have dropped. Why not follow it?” “I’m not sure Benedict.

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