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Zielle S.


This weekend I went to a horse riding camp. It wasn't as thrilling as I imagined it to be, but it was a great experience riding the horses. There were other activities planned while we weren't riding horses (we only got to ride the horses twice). The riding of the horses was so fun and scary at the same time, because we went on really narrow trails with really deep ditches on the side.

What I really wanted to share in this post actually, was a bible study we had nearing the end of the camp. The speaker was probably in her early twenties, I think. She spoke about her life, all the troubles and trials in her life when she felt like giving up. She told us about when she asked God into her life, and how He helped her through the hard times.

She drew an illustration of three people, Adam and Eve, and God. You know how God walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden? That must have been amazing. But because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin entered the world and a gap appeared between God and man. And when God sent Jesus down to earth, he died for us thus forgiving us of all past, present and future sins. (Although that doesn't give us the ticket to sin all the time, because God will always forgive us)

Then the speaker told us about a passage in the Bible when Peter and the other disciples were in a boat, and Jesus came walking on the water to them. Then He told Peter to come onto the water and walk to Him. And so he did. He kept his eyes on Jesus, relying on him to keep him above the water. But then he looked around at the waves and felt the water under his feet and he doubted, took his eyes of Jesus and he began to sink.

Then she told us how if we have Jesus in our lives, it doesn't mean everything's gonna be perfect from then on. No. We'll still have trials and troubles, the waves are still gonna leap around us, and the water's not gonna be still and serene all the time, but if we keep our eyes on Jesus and have faith in him, we'll still be above the water.

That really touched me because I've gone through a few trials in my life, but I always have the reassurance that God will always be with me.


Check out the song above!

God bless!

Luv, Zielle
~ Smile! God loves you! ~
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