Ages: 13-14
FW Kids Election Day (Competition) (UPDATED, so please read!)
Zielle S.

Have you ever wanted to run for president? Well, here is your chance!

To run for President, post your entry with 20 reasons the people should vote for you. They are not real promises/reasons, you could even do something like: "If you elect me, I'll give you each a Unicorn." And stuff like that.

Since there are only a few people active on KFW now, this contest will go on

from: Today, Monday, August 29, 2016
till: September 15, 2016

Deadline may vary due to number of entries.

IF I get more than two entries, nearing the deadline, I will eliminate the runners with the least points.

Two campaigners will be left, and they will post another post of 20 new, and final promises. They can't be the same as before.

Whoever gets the most points at the end wins! You get points when someone votes for you.

Example: they like 10/20 of your reasons. You get 10 points from that person.

You may vote for more than one person.

If you're running, you may still vote.

To vote, send a private message`to the runner on FW forums, or click 'send message' on the top right of the post. Runners, check your email and fw messages so you won't miss the votes! :)
Then at the end of the competition, tally up the points and send them to me and I'll announce the final winner.

Sound like fun?

If you might run, comment a smiley.
If you will run, comment a star.

If you have any questions, just ask! :)

Also, you CAN'T vote for yourself.

Cheers! Luv Zielle
~ Smile! God loves you. ~
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