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Ages: 11-12
The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey-Chapter Six
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Six: Impossible

Tado's eyes shot open.
Hello? Tado heard his voice, but his mouth didn't move. Where am I?
No answer. Just emptiness, indescribable emptiness, just, nothing.
Am I dead? Is anyone there?
"Tado, come here." A voice said.
I can't move. Tado said.
Tado felt himself being pulled backwards and upwards.
Tado managed to spin himself around, and saw a figure, had he been surrounded by something other than this black, empty, nothingness, he would be too bright to look at.
Tado squinted, allowing his eyes to adjust from the darkness to the light.
"You must go back, you are still needed in Dekussata."
Where am I? Tado asked.
"That is not important, nor is my name, first, you must return." The man said.
Tado felt a sudden rush of movement, like he was being sucked inside a container. Returned to his physical body, he suddenly felt strong and loud as a lion.
His senses boosted, he could smell blood and poison, hear the shouts and screams of the forest skirmish.
His eyes opened. He could see every movement of the battle.
Tado leapt to his feet, and released a mighty roar.
Goblins scattered at the sound.
He chased after them, his feet fell heavily, but silently.
Tado nearly caught one, but it suddenly turned, and escaped.
"Lion!" Tado heard Dragoslava say, sword drawn.
"No sudden movements." Conall said.
"Wait! No! I'm Tado!" Tado said. But they heard it as a snarl.
"Don't make direct eye contact, and back away slowly." Conall said.
"Wait, look," Midnight said. "Did it just get smaller?"
Tado felt his senses begin to dull. His paws changing back to hands and feet, his mane changing to hair, his front legs change to arms. In an instant, the lion had changed into a boy with black hair and a Ranger cloak.
"Tado," Midnight said. "Your a Summoner!"

If you didn't notice, I made a refrence from the lion thingy, in the Bible, it says (not in these exact words) the lion of the tribe of Judah is alive in our hearts, and the lion basically represents Jesus, just in case you didn't see that when you were reading.
Happy writing!
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