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The Midnight Chronicles-Chapter Five-SNEAK PEEK
Sophia Snipes

I know, I already did a sneak peek for this chapter, but I wanted to show you guys this:

From the other side of the tent wall, Itzal listened intently. Not if I can help it. Itzal thought.
He turned and cautiously made his way towards the edge of the camp. When he was sure he had escaped sight, he looked back to check that no one had followed him. As Itzal walked slowly backwards, he felt cold steel on his back.
Itzal stopped and stood still as a listening deer. He turned to see a knight towering above him.
"And what may I ask, are you doing?" The knight asked.
"Erm... Just, uh... Checking around?" Itzal said.
"Is that so? It looks to me like you're sneaking out." The knight said.
Well this is goining to be a delay. Itzal thought. Distract him.
"So, um... Have you seen Conall?" He said.
"If you want to speak with Conall, go wait for the war council to end." The knight said.
"Oh! Of course that's where he is!" Itzal said with mock embarrassment in his voice. "I'll just go wait over... There."
The knight watched Itzal run off towards the war council tent. He shook his head.
"They never train them the way they used to."
Itzal looped around the tent after the knight had left, then turned east, towards the Black Plain.
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