Ages: 11-12
To Heard by God
Sophia Snipes

Um, well, that could work, but I had already planned how it all happened. Although, I could make some more alterations, here's the current version:
Midnight's Origin

Smoke billowed high into the dark sky from the trees of the jungle.
The young werewolf looked up, Fire? I don't smell fire, I smell...fear.
She crept slowly out of the village. The moment she reached the trees of the deadly jungle, she bolted through the thick foliage to the wall of vines.
She searched around until she found the small gap she had discovered years before.
She ducked inside the tunnel, and began to crawl along on her stomach.
Soon the werewolf reached the other side of the wall, and followed the smell of smoke to an odd metal pod that had fallen from the sky.
Is this what fallen stars look like? She thought.
She flinched away from a piece of silver jutting out of the side of the pod.
A small cry sounded from underneath a peice of steel.
She hauled it to the side. Under it, was a tiny figure.
"A baby!" She said.
She found a piece of tattered cloth, and wrapped it around the baby werewolf.
She held him close to her face.
"I'm going to call you Midnight." She said.

I could change this so that when Midnight is found, he is human, but years of exposure to werewolves slowly turns him into a werewolf.
(P.S. I already changed it slightly to fit your idea)
Happy writing!

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