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Ages: 11-12
The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey-Chapter Four
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Four: The White Knight

Tenndahl stepped forward to address Gryphonn, but two Rangers stood in his path.
"Wizard of the Council." Tenndahl said.
"I'm afraid we need proof." The first Ranger said.
In reply Tenndahl drew his golden sword.
The second Ranger lifted the sword from his grip examined it until he spotted a silver starburst that was the symbol of the High Council of Wizardry. The Ranger returned the sword to Tenndahl.
"And who are they?" The first Ranger asked as he turned to Conall, Midnight, and Tado.
"You know who I am, Itzal." Conall spat out the name like it tasted like a rotten tomato.
"Who says I was talking to you?" Itzal said.
The second Ranger watched uneasily, knowing Conall could be very bad-tempered at times.
"Move aside, apprentice." Gryphonn said. "They are friends."
Itzal glared at Tado, but stepped aside.
"But sir, he-" Itzal started.
"Is under the protection of the Council." Gryphonn interrupted. "Now return to your lookout post, you were not given permission to leave."
"Yes sir." Itzal said before walking off awkwardly, as if he wasn't used to losing arguments.
Gryphonn watched Itzal walk up to a large tower on the edge of the war camp and disappear through a door on the side. He dismounted his horse and turned to Tado.
"This is the boy you were looking for?" Gryphonn asked Midnight.
"This is him." Midnight replied.
"What is your name?" Gryphonn knelt down to look Tado in the eye.
"Tado Meko." Tado replied.
"This is the boy that is to overthrow Saldumaur?" Gryphonn said.
"He is." Tenndahl said.
"Dragoslava!" Gryphonn shouted.
A woman in silver armor and Ranger cloak runs from the back of a large tent.
"Sir?" The woman says.
"Escort this boy to a safe place where he can rest." Gryphonn ordered.
"Yes sir." The woman said.
She led Tado to a tent with a banner with two crossed swords on it.
"The barracks should be mostly empty," she said. "What is your name?"
"I'm..." Tado hesitated.
"You can trust me, if did you any harm, I would lose my head." She said.
"I'm Tado Meko." Tado said.
"Well, Tado, my name is Dragoslava." She said.
Dragoslava pulled back her hood.
She had long white hair, and her skin was covered by white war paint. An odd marking that looked like a bear had swiped its massive claws across her face was painted in coal black.

Tado waited inside the barracks for Midnight, but he didn't come. So Tado began practicing with his sword.
A messenger came in.
"Gryphonn would like to speak with you." The messenger said.
"Tell him I am on my way." Dragoslava replied.
The messenger hurried off.
Dragoslava turned to Tado.
"You stay here, I will be back." She said, as she left the tent.
A few minutes later, Dragoslava returned.
"Why did Gryphonn want to talk to you?" Tado asked.
"He has assigned me as your personal guard." Dragoslava replied.

Hey everybody! I wanted to post the front cover of the Midnight Chronicles, but I couldn't figure out how to put pictures in posts, so if you now how to, please tell me.
Happy writing!
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