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WoFFanFic-Chapter One
Sophia Snipes

Chapter One: Gone

Qibli sat up and stretched his wings. He stood up and walked out into the hall.
Down the tunnel leading to Moon and Kinkajou's sleeping cave, panicked voices started calling to eachother.
Moon! Is she okay? Did something happen to her or Kinkajou? Qibli thought. He ran through a list of possible reasons for all the commotion.
Qibli quickly checked that his skyfire pouch was hanging around his neck, and rushed down the tunnel.
In her sleeping cave, Kinkajou was panicking because she couldn't find Moonwatcher anywhere, while Tsunami was trying to calm her down.
"But she's GONE! Moon would NEVER just DISAPPEAR!" Kinkajou said.
"Kinkajou! Calm down! I'm sure she's fine. Did you check the-" Kinkajou cut Tsunami off mid sentence.
"I checked EVERYWHERE! Moon's GONE!" Kinkajou shouted. She then commenced to running in panicked circles and accidentally toppling over scroll racks with her tail.
"Kinkajou, calm down. We'll find Moon." Qibli said.
Winter came in, followed by Turtle.
"What's all the yelling about? I can't sleep with all the shouting." Turtle said.
"It's morning, why would you be sleeping?" Winter asked.
Turtle ignored him.
"There's nothing wrong with sleeping late, we decided to have a no school day once a week, and it's today." Tsunami defended her brother.
"Well, yeah. But it is a really nice day." Qibli said.
"Can we PLEASE focus on FINDING MOON?" Kinkajou said.
"Okay, wait, what happened to Moon?" Turtle said.
"I don't know! That's why we're TRYING to FIND HER!" Kinkajou said.
"Don't worry about Kinkajou, she's a little panicked." Qibli said to Turtle.
"Dragonets are so hard to handle." Tsunami sighed.

I'm not sure if I got the personalities of the characters right, so if you think I should change something (if you know the character's personalities better than I do), tell me, and I'll try to improve it.
Happy writing!
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