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The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey-Behind The Story
Sophia Snipes

You will probably think what you're about to read is sort of weird, but here we go...
I got the idea for the Midnight Chronicles from a dream. In that dream there was a T-Rex attacking my house, and then I saw a werewolf and a boy, with machine guns (I know, my dreams are so wierd) and attacked the T-Rex, and then the same werewolf and boy in a more midevil setting, carrying swords and walking sticks, fighting goblins. So that's basically where The Midnight Chronicles came from.
After I had the dream, my sister and I played a game with our neighbors where you come up with a character, and then role-play with that character. So I used the werewolf from my dream, and the werewolf became Midnight. Tado was a last minute addition, although he plays an important role in the story. I came up with Tenndahl, Saldumaur, and General Korg when I came to the part where they entered the story.
I have a character I call Gryphonn that will be added somewhere in the middle of chapter three, he has a title, too. Gryphonn's title is The White Phoenix, because he wears gleaming white armor that the goblins think looks like fire.

Happy writing!
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