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The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey-Chapter Three-Sneak Peek!
Sophia Snipes

Chapter Three: Burning Homestead

"Is that smoke?" Tado asked as he pointed to the tree line way off in the distance.
"Yes." Conall replied. "Hopefully we won't run into goblins, that smoke is coming from the north, which is the direction we're headed."
"Do you still want to stop in your village, Tado?" Midnight asked.
Tado nodded.
"We'll have to go straight through that smoke to get to your village." Conall said.
So they kept walking, and Conall led them through the safe paths around quicksand pits, and the deepest waterholes. And they finally reached the trees on the far side of the swamplands, where they camped for the night.
Midnight unrolled sleeping mats, and found ways to use blankets instead of the mats, while Conall went into the woods to look for fruit, since they couldn't use fire, or the goblins would find them.
"Where do you think the smoke is coming from?" Tado asked.
"I do not know, Tado, but we will see." Midnight replied.

The next morning, they traveled into the center of the wood, only to find the scorched remains of Tado's village.
Tado rushed through the scorched gravel streets to where his house used to be. All that was left of his cabin were piles of ashes, and a few blackened crumbling walls.
Clouds had gathered in the sky above, and a trickle of rain began to fall, and put out the tiny flicker of flame still burning on the floor of the cabin.
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