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Ages: 11-12
The Midnight Chronicles: The First Journey-Chapter One
Sophia Snipes

Chapter One: The Werewolf

Tado looked up from his drawing. He thought he saw a figure move in the woods behind his village.
Its probably just the wind. Tado thought.
He closed his sketch book and went inside.
After Tado disappeared through the door of his cabin, the shadow moved again. This time out of the woods.
The figure was dark, even under the light of the moon. The wolf-like figure had almost black fur, like the nighttime sky. It carried a walking stick, and a backpack that looked like a travelers bag. The figure collapsed on the ground. Dark magic pulsed in the area around him, he was being chased.

The morning after he saw the shadow, Tado was on his way to his village`s school, when an odd figure jumped out of the woods and fell to the ground in front of him.
The strange cloaked man stood up and supported himself on his walking stick. "Boy, I need your help." He said. His voice was deep and melodious. "What is your name?" The man asked Tado. "My name is, T-Tado." Tado replied. "That's your full name? Ta Do?" The man asked. "No, Tado Meko is my full na-" Tado`s voice suddenly dropped to a whisper. "Why did you tell him your name, idiot? You don't know this person!" He whispered to himself. "Is something wrong?" The man asked. "N-no." Tado started to get nervous, possible outcomes of the situation ran through his head. "I`m going to be late for school, I have to go." Tado said. "I understand." The man sounded disappointed. "I will await your return."
So Tado started off towards school again.

After school, Tado had forgotten his encounter with the man on the street, and was surprised to see a cloaked shadow in the distance walking towards him. He got closer, and realized it was the man he had seen in the street before school.
The wind was blowing hard now, and pulled and tugged at Tado`s hair, and did the same to the mans hood. "Hello again, Tado Meko." The man said. Just then, the wind blew one last strong gust, and blew the mans hood back, and off his head, revealing that he was not an ordinary traveler, but a werewolf from the Cursed Lands.
Tado gasped. "My name is Midnight." The werewolf said. Midnight`s face was a dark color, like the night sky, and an innocent smile spread across his face.
Tado resisted his instinct to yell for help. "Y-you`re a w-werewolf!" Tado said in a hushed voice. "I know." Midnight said. The wind dropped, and the only noise was the sound of birds singing in the distance. "Will you still help me?" Midnight said, holding out his clawed hand to Tado. "I... don't know..." Tado`s voice was almost a whisper. "I should ask my parents first..." Tado frowned. "Tado, you know what they will say," Midnight said quietly. "But you should have control of choices that will change your destiny." Tado started to reach for Midnight`s hand, but hesitated. "How would you know what my parents would say?" Tado asked. "There are some things I would prefer you don't know about me until you know me well enough to understand." Midnight said. Tado nodded, and took Midnight`s hand.
Midnight thrust his walking stick into the air and a flash of light exploded from the tip. When the light faded, they were in the woods outside the village. "You`re a wizard?!" Tado yelled. "Not exactly," Midnight replied. "It is not that easy to become a wizard." Midnight walked into the woods and started breaking branches from trees.
Tado followed, and picked up a large stick to use as a walking stick.
"What are you getting all that wood for?" Tado asked.
"Fire." Midnight said.
He looked back at Tado.
"That stick won't work, hit that tree with it." Midnight said.
Tado did, and the stick broke into splinters.
Midnight picked up another stick, leaned on it, and handed it to Tado.
"Try this stick." Midnight said, and handed the stick to Tado.
"How did you know?" Tado asked.
"The bark looked dry." Midnight said. "You learn a few things when you travel." Midnight
continued. "How do you think I got my stick?"
"I don't know..." Tado trailed off.
They kept walking and collecting wood.

When it got darker Midnight started a fire. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small kettle, which he set up over the fire. He went back to his bag and took a small pouch full of dry leaves, which he put in the kettle before wandering off towards the sound of running water.
When Midnight came back with a bucket full of stream water, Tado had fallen asleep on a log Midnight had dragged over to the fire to use as a bench.
Midnight poured the water into the kettle to heat up.
The smell of brewing tea woke Tado. "What's that smell?" Tado asked. "That smell is mint leaves in hot water." Midnight replied. "Oh, why aren't there any tea leaves in the tea bag too?" Tado continued to question. "These mint leaves are a hybrid." Midnight answered.
"What does that mean?" Tado asked. "Hybrid? That means two or more types of plants, or animals mixed together." Midnight said.
"You are a very curious boy." Midnight said quietly. "You ask many questions." He said.
Midnight took the mint leaves out of the kettle, and poured the tea into a small wooden mug. "Would you like some tea?" Midnight asked. "Yes." Tado replied. Midnight poured tea into another small wooden mug, and handed the mug to Tado.
"Where are we going?" Tado asked. "We are not going anywhere." Midnight replied. "Then why did you take me out here?" Tado asked. "To teach you." Midnight said. "I thought you needed my help." Tado said. "I do, but first you need my help." Midnight calmly replied, despite the suspicion in Tado's voice. "If we leave now you will be too weak to face the dangers lurking outside the woods surrounding your village." Midnight said. "Why can't whatever's out there just come into the woods?" Tado asked. "That is a story for another time." Midnight replied.
Tado stuck his tongue in his tea and quickly pulled it back. "Ow." Tado said quietly. He set his mug beside him on the log. Midnight took a big gulp of his tea. "Doesn't that burn your mouth?" Tado asked. "No, I have gotten used to the heat." Midnight replied.
"I will begin teaching you to survive tomorrow morning." Midnight said as he pulled his cloak over himself. "Do you have an extra cloak?" Tado asked. "Yes." Midnight replied as he went through his bag and pulled out a cloak. He handed the cloak to Tado. Tado wrapped himself in the cloak and fell asleep.

The next morning Tado and Midnight awoke early. "First you need to learn a few basic survival skills." Midnight said. "You will need this." Midnight said as he tossed a small sword to Tado. Tado drew the sword. It had a silver blade, and a steel hilt wrapped in black leather. "You will need a belt to put the sword on. I added more holes to one of mine last night." Midnight said. Midnight pulled a belt with extra holes messily punched into it from his bag. Tado put on the belt and strapped the sheath to it. Midnight went through his bag again and took a belt with a gold embedded sheath strapped to the belt. Midnight drew the sword and swung it at the rocks they had placed around the fire. The rock he struck shattered to a thousand tiny pieces. "Why can't I have a sword like that?" Tado asked. "This blade is much too heavy for you, Tado." Midnight said. "Would you like to hold the blade for a moment?" Midnight asked. "Yes." Tado said. Midnight handed the sword to Tado. The golden blade glinted brightly as the sun cut through the clouds. The hilt was silver with strips of black leather wrapped around the hilt. The hilt was studded with diamonds. "It's heavy." Tado said. "It is enchanted, so it is heavier than normal." Midnight said. "Is my sword enchanted?" Tado asked. "No, but I know a wizard who can enchant it for you." Midnight replied. "But for now you need to learn how to fight." Midnight said.
"Copy my movements." Midnight said. He took the sword back from Tado and began to mimic the act of striking something with his sword. Tado copied every move Midnight made, and as Tado caught on, Midnight began to swing his sword faster, and soon Tado was doing sword combat forms.
"You are doing good, Tado Meko, you catch on easily. Perhaps your curiosity can be helpful, at times." Midnight said. "Would you like to learn something new?" Midnight asked. "Yes." Tado replied. "now you are going to learn combinations of the striking and parrying that you have already learned." Midnight said. Midnight began to mimic striking at an opponent and then parrying as if someone struck at him, and Tado copied his every move. "You will make a good warrior, Tado." Midnight said. "You are fast with your sword." Midnight said. "Am I ready to leave yet?" Tado asked. "No, you still need to practice." Midnight replied.
"I should go back to my parents, they're probably worried." Tado said. "Go, but come back before nightfall." Midnight replied. So Tado set off through the woods towards his village. He soon reached the edge of the woods and stepped out and into his own yard. Tado knocked on the back door of his cabin and his parents rushed to the door.
"Tado! Where have you been!?" Tado's father asked. "Why didn't you come home from school?" Tado's mother asked. "On the way home from school I saw something metal in the woods, and I went to see what it was, and it was this sword." Tado said putting his hand on his sword. "And then I got lost in the woods." Tado said.
Tado's father took the sword from Tado and unsheathed it. "It looks old." Tado's father said. "Can I keep it?" Tado asked. "I don't know..." Tado's mother said. "Let him keep the sword, he doesn't have much else." Tado's father said.

Midnight sniffed the air. "Tado needs to get back soon, the sun is starting to set." Midnight whispered to himself.

Tado looked out the window of his cabin. He turned and walked into the kitchen. "Father, can I go back to the woods and look for more things like this?" Tado asked as he drew his sword. "Yes, Tado, but be careful." Tado's father replied.
So Tado quietly slipped out the door and back into the woods. Soon he reached Midnight's camp. Midnight was sitting on one of the logs he had dragged to the fire, carving a design in his walking stick.
"I'm back." Tado said as he walked into the camp. "Good, get some more practice with your sword, and we will prepare to leave." Midnight said. "When are we leaving?" Tado asked. "In the morning, it is too dark to travel now." Midnight replied.

The next morning Tado went back home. This time with the cloak Midnight had lent him. "Tado, you need to stop going into those woods, what if you can't find your way back?" Tado's mother said.
"I'll find my way back, Mother, but this time I found this old cloak." Tado replied.

About an hour later, Tado packed up a rucksack full of his few belongings and went down the stairs from his room wearing his cloak and rucksack.
"Father, can I go hiking in the woods?" Tado asked. "Yes, Tado, but your mother is gardening, so don't bother her." Tado's father said.
Tado slipped out the door and quietly walked past his mother and into the woods.
Soon Tado reached the camp. Midnight was waiting on the far side of the camp.
"Are you ready, Tado?" Midnight asked. Tado nodded. "Then let us go." Midnight said. Midnight slung his travel bag over his shoulder and picked up his his walking stick. Tado grabbed his stick and walked across the camp to Midnight. Midnight started walking and Tado followed.
"Where are we going?" Tado asked.
"The mountains." Midnight replied.
"Why?" Tado asked.
"Because it is safer there, and I cannot completely train you, I know someone there who can." Midnight said.
They stepped out of the woods and into an open field. The grass in the field was dead and tan. The sky was cloudy now, blocking the light of the sun.
Midnight's head suddenly whipped around and he scanned the tree line.
"What is it, Midnight?" Tado asked. Midnight sniffed the air. "Run!" Midnight yelled.
Just then several dark figures emerged from the woods, followed by more of the same dark shape.
Midnight and Tado made a dash for the rocky plain on the other side of the field.
"What are they?" Tado asked as he glanced back over his shoulder. "Goblins." Midnight replied.

I got bored, so I decided to submit chapter one.
Hope you like it! Happy writing.
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