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LOTRfanfic: The New Fellowship-Chapter One
Sophia Snipes

Chapter One

"Idhreniel! Idhreniel, you've been asked a question, now answer it!" The Sindarin teacher yelled.
"Sorry, I got distracted. What was the question?" I replied.
"You're setting a bad example for the language class!" He shouted yet again. "Now tell me what the Sindarin word for friend is."
"Mellon." I said.
"Good, how do you say, farewell?" He asked.
"Novaer." I replied.
"Now put the two words together." He said.
"Novaer mellon." I said.
The Sindarin teacher glanced expectantly at his second level class.
"Novaer mellon!" The class yelled gleefully.
"To loud in here." I whispered to myself.
"What was that?" The teacher asked.
"Can I go back to study hall now?" I asked.
"Yes, you are dissmised." He replied.
I stood up from a way too small desk, and walked out the door and down the hallway through Rivendell Elf School.
It's hard to believe Frodo walked down these same hallways. I thought.
Suddenly I heard a big commotion up ahead, coming from the Grand Rivendell Hall.
One of the students came running down the hall.
"Run! The shadows are coming!" She said as she ran passed me.
Ringwraiths?! Could Sauron really be back again? I thought.
I rushed down the hallway, and passed the Grand Hall. I burst through the door to my dorm room, I grabbed my quiver full of arrows and my bow, and ran into the Grand Hall.
The creatures I saw in the Grand Hall were nothing like the drawings I had seen of Ringwraiths, they looked more like Elves.
Just as I ran forward to leap onto one of the tables to get a better veiw of the Grand Hall, Legolas burst through the door.
Why is he here? Isn't Legolas one of those stuck up Mirkwood Elves? I thought.
"Just as I thought," He said. "Dark Elves."
Dark Elves? How does he know what they are?
Legolas drew his daggers, and lunged at the nearest Dark Elf.
I grabbed an arrow from my quiver and clipped the back end of the arrow to the bowstring and drew it back. I aimed at the nearest Dark Elf and fired.
He fell to the ground clutching the mortal wound in his chest.
The other Dark Elves turned towards me, and rushed at me. I fired arrows as fast as I could, but there were too many coming too fast.
Lord Elrond ran through the door with his sword drawn, followed by the members of his council.
"What is going on here?" Lord Elrond boomed through the Grand Hall.
All the Dark Elves stopped and looked at him.
Gandalf stepped forward and pointed his staff at the Dark Elves, who backed away fearfully.
Gandalf shouted a spell, and swung his staff through the air, and lightning swept through the room to strike the Dark Elves. When the lightning cleared, the only trace of the Dark Elves was a drop of blue blood.
I bent down to examine the drop.
"Blue blood?" I said to no one in particular.
"The Dark Elves are a corrupted race, thus their blood is corrupt as well." Lord Elrond replied.
"Are you alright?" Galadrial asked as she stepped towards me.
"I'm fine." I replied.
Legolas glanced at me disapprovingly.
"My lady." I added.
I bowed my head slightly as I walked passed Lord Elrond and into the hallway.
"Idhreniel!" I heard a familiar voice call after me, and I turned around.
"I heard what happened in the Grand Rivendell Hall, are you okay?" It was Pennasion, my roommate, and study partner.
I smiled shyly.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said.
Pennasion smiled back.
"Love birds!" A voice called from the top of the pillar beside me.
I looked up. Gonderior, the youngest fifth level student was crouching on top of the pillar, sticking out his tongue.
"Just a second." I said to Pennasion.
I leaped up as high as I could and wrapped my arms and legs around the pillar and started to push myself up with my feet.
Pennasion started laughing, and Gonderior stared at me for a moment before he realized I probably would catch him when I got up the pillar.
I looked down and saw Legolas standing beside Pennasion, staring at me like I was the strangest smelling flower he had ever seen.
I ignored him and kept climbing, soon I got to the top and started chasing Gonderior along the over hang at the top of the wall.
Pennasion started laughing even harder.
"You're gonna get it now!" I shouted at Gonderior.
He wasn't very fast, and soon I got close enough to tackle him. I grabbed Gonderior by the collar of his shirt and leaped right off the overhang and landed safely on the floor, with Gonderior trailing behind me. He screamed as he plummeted towards the ground, and just barely got his feet underneath him in time to land safely.
Pennasion finally got his laughing under control, and heaved a few deep breaths.
"Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't know better." Pennasion said. "You'd think after he got flung off a twenty foot wall a few times he'd have learned his lesson."
I laughed.
Thranduil came down the hallway towards us.
Why is Thranduil here? Why would greedy elf king like him leave his kingdom? I thought.
"Remeber, Legolas, you can always return to Greenwood, and chose one of the elleths there, instead." Thranduil said with a spiteful glance at the cowering Gonderior, who was trying to seem invisible, in case someone decided he needed to be thrown off the wall again.
"I know, Father, I want to see all my choices, first." Legolas replied.
Thranduil strode down the hallway and out the main entryway to his waiting moose.
Me and Pennasion walked down the hallway to our dorm as the sound of hoof beats faded in the distance.
"Do you know what all that about choosing an elleth meant?" I asked.
"Not really, but it's possible Legolas is choosing his queen." Pennasion replied. "I learned about the choosing of queens in History Class, back when I was a level four student."
"Oh." I said. "Who do you think he'll choose?"
"Probably Authwen. She's good at battle strategy, and she's pretty." He said.
I looked at down at my feet.
"But not as pretty as you." Pennasion said, and elbowed me playfully.
I looked up at him and smiled shyly.
I looked back down the hallway and realized Legolas was watching me.
I hope he doesn't pick me. I thought.
Legolas turned and followed Lord Elrond's council back to their meeting place.

A few hours later someone knocked on the door to my dorm room. I got up from my bed and answered the door. It was Ashryn, my sparring partner.
"Come on! We'll be late for Battle Class!" Ashryn said.
"I completely forgot!" I said as I grabbed my twin daggers, my quiver, and my bow, and ran out the door with Ashryn following. we ran out into the street, and around the back of Rivendell Elf School, and into a courtyard behind the massive building.
All the other students were already there, firing arrows at targets set up on the opposite side of the courtyard. Me and Ashryn took our places facing our targets and began to fire arrows.
Legolas came around the side of the Elf School and into the courtyard. He stood at as far away as possible from an extra target that had been set up. He fired his first arrow just like the students, but after the first, he fired arrow after arrow until his quiver was empty. Legolas retrieved his arrows from the target and left the courtyard.
"Show off." Ashryn said.
We fired arrows for half the class, and the other half we sparred with daggers.
We sparred for what seemed like forever, but Battle Class finally ended.
On my way back to my dorm room, I was surprised when Lord Elrond stopped me to talk to me.
"Idhreniel," He said. "I have decided that Legolas should be moved to your dorm room, I have already told Pennasion."
Oh great! He chose me, didn't he?! Why couldn't he have chosen Authwen? I thought.
"Oh, okay." I said.
"My lord." I added quickly.
I opened the door, and stepped into my dorm room to find Legolas was already stuffing his cloak into a drawer. I ignored him and hung my quiver and bow on a hook beside my bed, and took off my sword belt and set it on a small dresser at the foot of my bed.
I collapsed on my bed.
That was the hardest they've ever worked us in Battle Class. I thought.
I stat up and crawled across my bed and stood up at the foot of the bed, where a wall had been placed to allow students to change clothes without their roommate having to leave. I pulled a curtain over the bed, so Legolas couldn't sit on my bed and watch me. I dug around in my unorganized drawers until I found my night robes, and changed into them. I pulled the curtain back, and climbed in bed.

The next morning I felt something soft on my lips.
Legolas! Why would he...?! And then yesterday's events all came rushing back to me.
I opened my eyes and whacked whatever was there, but I didn't hit Legolas's face, I hit Gonderior's hand.
"Ow" Gonderior said.
"GONDERIOR!!!" I screamed. "I'M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS!!!" I'm sure the entire city of Rivendell could hear me yelling.
Gonderior started laughing, until he realized I was already out of bed and about to tackle him.
"You're about to get another round of wall throwing!" I yelled.
"Not if you can't catch me!" He said as he ran out the door.
I ran after him, and into the crowded hallway.
I couldn't see him until he climbed up the same pillar he was sitting beside yesterday.
I ran straight through the crowded hall to the pillar, I didn't climb it quite as fast as Gonderior, but I still climbed fast. Though climbing pillars in night robes is harder then normal clothes.
Gonderior started running along the overhang in the wall as I got to the top.
I wasn't at my top speed, but Gonderior was never very fast, except when he was climbing.
Soon I caught up with him, and tackled him, and just like yesterday, jumped off the overhang, and hauled Gonderior along with me. Again, I landed safely on my feet, and Gonderior almost landed on his knees.
I looked around and saw Pennasion. I waved to him and he walked over to me.
Then Gonderior fainted.
"I think you broke him." Ashryn said as she walked passed.
Pennasion laughed.
"I have an idea." I said.
I reached down to grab Gonderior's shirt collar, but Ashryn stopped me.
"Don't do it, remember last time you did that?" Ashryn said. "He pranked you for weeks afterwards."
"I guess you're right, I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning with fire ants in my bed." I said.
"Are you talking about the makeup prank?" Pennasion asked.
"Yes." I replied.
"I remember that." Pennasion said.
I went back to my dorm room, and changed into my normal clothes.
I was about to open the door to leave, when someone knocked on the door.
I opened the door, and was surprised to see Lord Elrond standing in the doorway, with Ashryn, Gonderior, Authwen, and Pennasion behind him.
"Idhreniel, the council wishes to see you." Lord Elrond said.
"Yes, my lord." I replied.
So I followed him to a balcony on the school roof, where Galadriel, Gandalf the White, and Radaghast the Brown were sitting around a table, looking at a map.
I stepped up to the short staircase.
Suddenly, pain shot through my head, and light flashed before my eyes. I fell to my knees with a shout of surprise and pain. For a brief moment I saw myself, shouting at someone, this image came with these words: "I'm not afraid to die alone!"
And then the image left me.
What was that? A vision? I thought.
"Idhreniel! Are you okay?" When I opened my eyes Pennasion was kneeling beside me.
"What happened?" He asked.
"I...don't know...I saw...something, and I got a horrible headache." I said.
"What did you see?" Lord Elrond asked as he crouched down in front of me.
"I saw me, I was yelling something, I think it was 'I'm not afraid to die alone,' or something like that, it was hard to tell with that headache." I replied.
"The long lost gift of prophecy has returned!" Gandalf said.
I stood up and started to walk back towards the door to the stairway.
"Where are you going?" Pennasion asked.
"I.. Just need to be alone." I replied without turning around.
I continued walking.

I was sitting on the edge of one of the hot springs I had found in one of my many ventures into the forest, with my pants rolled up and my feet in the water, when Pennasion stepped out of the woods and into the clearing. He sat down beside me and rolled up his pants, and let his his feet dangle in the water.
"Hey, you need company?" He asked.
"Yes, I was just... Thinking." I replied.
"It must be hard." Pennasion said.
"What must be hard?" I asked.
"Finding out you're a prophet." He replied.
"Yeah." I said.
"Hey, at least you don't have fire ants in your bed!" Pennasion said.
I looked him straight in the eye and smiled at his joke.
At least I still have my friends, they won't treat me like a tool. I thought.
"Thanks." I said.
"For what?" Pennasion asked.
"For not just treating me like a tool when you found out I had prophecy." I replied.
"Did you ever have a vision before?" He asked. "Not to be intrusive, or anything." He added.
"No, I think you would have known if I was having headaches all the time." I replied.
I rolled my pants up a little farther, and waded into the shallow part of the hot spring.
"Come on, get in the water." I said. "It's warm."
Pennasion laughed and hopped in the water, and splashed me in the process.
I splashed him back, and we both started laughing.

We waded in the hot spring for a while.
"It's getting dark, we should go back." I said.
So we walked back to Rivendell.
"What happened to you two?!" Ashryn asked. "I bet Legolas will be mad when he finds out what you were doing!"
Pennasion blushed.
"Have you been taking advise from Gonderior?" I asked. "Because I can throw you off a wall, too."
"I'm just saying." Ashryn replied. "I overheard Legolas and Lord Elrond talking in the hallway during study hall."
I frowned and sighed.
I walked back to my dorm alone.
In the corner of my eye, I saw Pennasion glare at Ashryn and walked to his dorm.
I changed into dry clothes, and went up to the balcony on the roof, where Lord Elrond was sitting, looking at the map.
"What brings you up here at this hour, Idhreniel?" Lord Elrond asked.
"I just have a question." I replied.
Lord Elrond gestured for me to sit in the chair across the table from him.
I sat down.
"Your question." Lord Elrond prompted.
"Shouldn't an elleth that's been chosen to become a queen, shouldn't that elleth get a choice in the matter?" I asked.
A look of surprise crossed Lord Elrond's usually blank expressioned face.
"Well, yes, she should." He replied.
"Then can Pennasion be moved back to my dorm?" I asked.
Lord Elrond got the hint.
"Why would you not want to be a queen? You could have all the freedom you want." Lord Elrond asked.
"Because I don't like Legolas, he's creepy, always staring off into the distance or staring at me." I replied.
"Hmm. I will tell you what I have decided tomorrow." He said.
I stood up, and walked back down the stairs to my dorm.
Legolas was already asleep.
I changed into my night robes.
I slept with my head underneath my blanket that night.

The next morning I woke up to Ashryn peeking under the blanket.
"Hey! Wake up! You'll be late if you don't get ready now!" She shouted.
I jolted out of my troubled sleep.
"I'm coming, I'm coming." I mumbled.
I dragged myself out of bed, and changed into my normal clothes.
On my way to History Class, Lord Elrond stopped me to talk to me, while Ashryn went on ahead.
"I have decided to move Pennasion back to your dorm room." Lord Elrond said.
"Thank you, my lord." I replied.
"I already told Legolas." He said. "Take this, if your history teacher gets mad at you for being late, give it to him."
Lord Elrond handed me a folded peice of paper bearing his seal.
I nodded and continued to my class.
I opened the door and was instantly greeted by the bad tempered history teacher.
"Idhreniel! You're late again!" He said.
"Lord Elrond wanted to talk to me." I replied.
The history teacher just snorted.
I put the note on his desk and sat at my desk in the back of the room.
The history teacher picked up the note and looked at the seal. He unfolded the piece of paper, and read it.
"I hate being wrong." He muttered.

After History Class I went back to my dorm, where Legolas was grumpily emptying his dresser. He dropped a pile of clothes and belongings in a wooden box on his bed. He picked up the box, and walked out the door.
I smiled.
Hopefully Legolas didn't see that. I thought. Or he'll be REALLY mad.
Pennasion came in with a similar wooden box. He set it down on the bed and started sorting his clothes and belongings into piles.
"What are the piles for?" I asked.
"I like to organize my stuff before I put it in my dresser." He replied.
"I don't organize my dresser, it's kind of a mess." I said.
"I lived with you once, I'm sure I can do it again." Pennasion said with a smile.
"My dresser has gotten a lot worse without you saying, 'doesn't that go in the bottom dresser?' Every time I put something away." I said.
"I still remember where everything goes in your dresser." Pennasion said.
We both laughed.

This entire story is told from the perspective of Idhreniel, the main character.
Hope you like my story, happy writing!
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