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Invention of the Icecream Sundae - Story (My entry for Eaglewriter's Contest)
Zielle S.

Do you know the invention surrounding the ice-cream sundae? Perhaps not. Well let me tell you.

Before the icecream sundae, there lived an old man. He wasn't very old, just old enough to have a few gray hairs peeking out of his mat of curls. Mr. Theodore Immogen, which was his name, loved to make people happy.

Mr. Immogen was sitting on the front steps of his shop, staring at the sign hanging from his neighbor's shop. It read, "Sunshine Shop." Poor Mr. Immogen was nearly pounding his head, waiting for something, anything, to pop up when suddenly a large truck stopped in front of the shop covering the letters 'shine' and 'shop'. The truck was an icecream truck. On the front in clear bold letters it said, "Icecream Day!" At that moment Mr. Immogen thought of something.

"Icecream Sunday!" he cried. "That's it!"

Now you may be thinking, "Now this is when he's going to make the icecream Sundae." But no, he isn't.

Mr. Immogen raced inside. He decided he would, every sunday, make a special icecream for everyone for free. You see, those days the icecream making people would only create an icecream with no hundred's and thousands, with no topping, and for a large amount of money, too.

Plus, they only served vanilla icecream.

Mr. Immogen experimented all night with the icecream flavours, and finally produced two flavours for the people: peppermint and cookies and cream. He made a topping and spread it over the icecream and the people waited every Sunday for the delicous icecream.

Today, people changed the Icecream Sunday to Icecream Sundae, because they were ashamed cause' they couldn't help eating the sundaes anytime! After awhile though, they never bought the plain icecreams anymore, so a new owner, Mr, Immogen's son had to charge for the icecream sundaes.

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