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Series of Stories by the Girls in the BFF Club (Version 2)
Zielle S.

Our First Chapter - Kiana, Ally, Monica and Ivanka
Sorry for no paragraphs! I'll put some on the rest of the chapters. This one is a super long long one.

Kiana bounced onto the bed, the large book in hand. On the front written in clear large prints, it read: "Series of Stories by the Girls in the Bff Club".
"Which story should we put in first?" Kiana flapped the book open to the first page; the clear attribution of the girl's names caught her eye: Written by Kiana Calibero, Monica Danish, Ivanka Andrews and Ally the Babysitter.
Ally leaned over to look at the names and scrunched up her face as she eyed her name at the end of the sentence; "Ally the Babysitter??" she raised her eyebrows. "Who did that?"
"That gives me an idea; what about we include the story of when Ally has her first babysitting job!" Monica squealed. Her tree brown hair swayed like a chocolate river. Her eyes sparkled like blue diamonds; they looked always ready to spy something very peculiar.
Ally rolled her eyes. "No way. You wouldn't." Ally, the shy un-popular easy-to-persuade red headed girl did not appreciate her story - especially this one - being told in a book possibly to be told someday to the big wide world.
Ivanka gave Ally the big brown bugged eyed look; her eyes begging. "Aw, c’mon...No one but us will see it! It’s funny!" purple flowered glasses stood on her small nose and her dainty fingers were always seen to be pushing the glasses back up. Most of the time she would end up taking them of and would be pushing her head into the book covering the view.
"Iva's right; besides! It's a super special moment in our lives!" Monica tugged on Ally's sleeve sarcastically.
Ally coughed and laughed. "For you! Oh...alright. But promise me no one but us will ever touch that book? If they do, they can just skip to the parts where Ivanka becomes a Banka'!"
"Right. We'll do that story next!" Kiana grinned and scribbled - actually it was her best hand writing - down the title: The Bit of Babysitting Ally Hates.
"I'm doomed." Ivanka pushed her glasses up and rubbed her hazel eyes.
Ally applaused. "Wonderful title, Kiana, wonderful! It's so true."
The girls scrambled onto the bed, over excited about their first chapter in their very first book.

Chapter 1 - Part 1 - The Bit of Babysitting Ally Absolutely Cabiloutly Hates
Ally pushed into the circle of heads gathered around the book. "Wait wait, wait. Cabiloutly. That's not a word, Ki!"
"It is now!" Kiana grinned.
But Ally had rubbed out the two words and now it read: The Bit of Babysitting Ally Hates. "There."
Kiana put on a lame face.
Ivanka but in. She pulled a pocket dictionary out of her pocket. She flapped to a page in the million page book. Everybody looked at her. There was silence for a moment as Ivanka ran her finger over the pages and shook her head. "I've looked through the full page - plus two - and there is no word - cabiloutly - mentioned in this dictionary. Therefore, Ki, there is no such word as cabiloutly."
They all hated it when Iva spoke like that, but they brushed this one of.
Kiana looked at Monica. "You narrate, cause you were the one who wrote Ally the babysitter and you thought of it; kay, Monica?"
Ally raised her eyebrows for the second time. "Ah...I thought I regognised that handwriting!"
"Listen guys!" Monica took her place at the head of the bed. They had all agreed that the narrater would sit at the head.
It was 6:00 in the morning when Ally had put up the babysitting sign and 6:00AM the next day when she was interrupted from her beauty sleep.
“Yoo-hoo!” it sounded like an opera singer who just got fired.
“What?” Ally rolled over in bed, tugging the blankets over her face. “It’s school holidays mom...” By the way, Ally was half asleep so she couldn’t tell the difference between her own mother and the lady who sounded like an opera singer who had just been fired.
“Yoo-hoo! Babysitter!”
“Babysitter?” that’s how eager Ally was to babysit if she spent 3 hours making a babysitting poster and woke up 6:00 in the morning to put it up. “What time is it, mom?” it was then that she realised that it was not her mom calling, but a strange lady reaching out a gloved hand, BANGING ON THE DOOR AT 6:00 IN THE MORNING!!______________________________________________________________________________
Kiana plugged her ears with her fingers. "You don't have to go screaming into our book, Monica."
Ivanka, her old self now, giggled. "Yoo-hoo! Babysitter!" she waved her hand in the air and mimicked the same voice Monica had used.
Ally couldn't help laughing.
"I'll narrate now, kay?" Kiana said.
“What time is it?” Ally blinked her eyes open and pushed the blanket of. “Oh.” She looked out the window to see the lady. But she was waaaaaaay too old to have a baby. Unless, of course, her baby was 30 years old. “6:00AM? Ugh...I woke up this early yesterday...which apparently was a huge mistake!”
“Is there something else you can say? I’M COMING!”
“I’ve got it, Ally! You stay put. Go back to sleep!” it was Mrs. San.
“You’re awake, Mom?”
Mrs. San opened the door and blurted out exactly what Ally hoped she would hold back. “What are you doing at 6:00 in the morning?” Mrs. San was straight forward.
“Well! I do say! I’ve come to have my baby...uhm...sitted.” The lady fingered her purse and pushed her pointed nose into the cold morning air.
“Mom! That’s for me!” Ally called, running down the stairs, her hair in a jumble and tumble of yarn.
"Ally, what a jumble tumble of hair you’ve got!” Mom said.
Ally crossed her arms. "Hmmph! ‘Jumble tumble of yarn??’ I’m humiliated. My mom didn’t say anything about my hair, and you make that sentence sound like Red Riding Hood in the tale." She smirked sarcastically.
Kiana nudged Ally playfully and continued.
“Oh! Well I’ve never seen more messy hair!” the lady drew back like they were a disease.
Ally rolled her eyes. “Yeh, I just got out of bed.” Then she turned to her mom. “Mom, my first job!”
“Hmm...hmm...I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”
“Thanks mom.” Ally turned to the lady. “I don’t see any baby, Mrs...uh...”
“Mrs. Cuchi, dear.” One minute a stern, proud Miss-High-And-Mighty and the next a fawn.
“Mrs. Cuchi.”
“Yoo-hoo!” there she went again! “Yoo-hoo! Darling! Smokey!”
Smokey? What a weird name! Ally thought.
“There you are, my chuchi, puchi, Smokey!” Mrs. Cuchi picked up a b....furry creature with a short stubby tail and a flat wet nose.
Ally grabbed a teddy from the bed and hugged it. "Actually, I thought Smokey boy was quite cute!"
Ivanka laughed. "Are you kidding? That dog was uglier then my brother’s 100 year old turtle. Did you know turtle could live up to 200?"
Monica opened her mouth. "Really, Al, ‘Smokey boy’?"
"That is, after he was washed and stuffed into Mrs. Cuchi’s arms again!" Ally dropped the teddy.
"Guys, I’m narrating here!" Kiana mumbled.
"Go ahead, Ki!"
“Mrs. Cuchi, I-“
“Oh, my! How time flies. Be sure to give my dear Smokey a bath at 8:00AM, breakfast at 6:30, lunch at 12:00, and dinner at 7:00PM. I won’t be back till 9:00 tonight.” She rambled on about things, the instructions shooting out of her mouth like it was on fire.
“But I-“
“And don’t forget: don’t let him roll on the dirt, grass, or in the mud. And give him another bath at 5:00. Bu-bye!” and with that she sashayed out the door before Ally could open her mouth to say a syllable.
“What a lot of things to do for such a small dog! I’m not surprised he’s such a fat little Pug!” Ally looked at Smokey and sighed. “I’m not sure I’m going to like this kind of baby-sitting...”
"Ki, that was hilarious! This is the best story we’ve put in any of our books yet!" Monica doubled over.
Ivanka laughed along with her then asked, "What other books?"
"Come to think of it, it was quite funny! I’m narrating the next chapter, K? I hafta’ go. Bye!" Ally hopped of the bed and hugged her friends.
"Come and do the story with us after school tomorrow! And DON’T forget!"

The Part of Babysitting Ally Hates - Part 2 - Chapter 1
Cuchi Puchi Smokey
Ivanka smirked. "What’s up with the title, Monica?" she giggled.
"I know, I couldn’t think of anything else." Monica grinned sheepishly.
"Uh uh...Not my type." Kiana leaned back.
"Aw, c’mon! It’s great! It makes Smokey sound like a cute, loveable, annoying yet sweet puppy; which he is not." Ally explained.
"I don’t know; sounds sarcastic." Ivanka lifted the book onto her lap.
"Right!" Monica perked up her thumb. "Can you guys think of anything better?"
"Not me! I'm smart, but I don't do titles." Ivanka complimented herself.
Ally grinned in triumph. "Sooooo......Let’s just stick with Monica’s one. Ok, guys, here goes!"
It was an ordinary day strolling down the streets of Buckingham Fountains; except I was holding a dog’s leash in my hand with a short fat Pug at the end of it.
“Slow down, Smokey!” I grit my teeth in utter annoyance.
This was not the kind of ‘first-babysitting-job’ I had had in mind. Maybe something more...babyish.
Then that’s when Ivanka came up.
Ivanka covered her face with her hands. "Oh....I forgot this bit!"

That’s when Ivanka came up to try and make things better.
“Hi, Al!” Ivanka walked up beside me.
“Hi Iva.”
“Something wrong? And WHAT have YOU got?” Ivanka scrunched up her nose at the sight of Smokey.
“My first babysitting job; that’s what I got.”
“Babysitting job?“
“Yup. Not exactly what I had in mind. He’s been pulling me along for hours and hours without stopping. My feet are killing me! Care to take over?
“Sure!" to my relief, Ivanka took over. “Woah!!! He’s strong for such a tiny dog!”
“I know. My hands are red from the rope.”
That’s when Ivanka came up with her wonderful idea. “Hey! Why don’t you entertain him for a while with my spaghetti? It was my lunch, but now it's cold; and it's mostly sauce."
“Eww! Ivanka, you keep that stuff in your bag?” the spaghetti sauce looked like a muddy puddle with bits of lumpy dirt.
“Ok, whatever will keep him still for a few minutes. Thanks, Iva!”
“No problem! My feet are already aching!” Ivanka opened the container.
I took the container and placed it on the ground in front of a bench for Smokey to eat. Quick as a flash of light, smokey had tipped the container over and was rolling in the spaghetti! Small as he was, from his tail to his nose he was covered with chocolate.
“Aaah, Smokey!!” I was in a fit! “Oh, Smokey!” the side-walk was splattered with bits of sauce and the naughty dog leaped up on me and licked every inch of my burning face. My dress was smudged with tomato and I was desperately trying to push the heavy dog of her face.
“Oh, Ally, I’m so sorry!!” Ivanka pulled out a handkerchief and was wiping my face!

What a sight we were. A spaghetti muddy dog sitting on a spaghetti muddy girl with another girl wiping the tears and tomato mixed with gooey cheese sauce of her face.______________________________________________________________________________
"Oh, it was so humiliating!" Ally doubled over with laughter.
"No kidding!" Ivanka flopped on her belly.
"What time is it, Monica?" Kiana asked.
"5:22; why?"
"I have to go now. I promised my mom I’d pick up Cody from soccer." Kiana slung her backpack onto her shoulders and hopped of the bed.
"Aw…ok, bye, Ki!" the girls chorused.
"Meet here at my place tomorrow, if you can. Kay?" Ivanka flashed her friend a smile.
Chapter 2
Ivanka pulled her bedroom door open. "Oooh!!" she squealed. "I'm so glad you could come, Ki!" she leaned over and squeezed her friend.
"Yah!" Monica chimed in, handing Kiana a gum. "We thought you'd never get here!"
"Thanks!" Kiana popped the gum into her mouth and gave her friends the secret handshake. Slip, slap, up, down, tic tac toe. "Where's Al?" she asked.
Ivanka shook her head. "Dunno."
"She wasn't at school today either. I wonder what's up?" Monica chirped. "She never misses a day."
"I hope she's fine." Kiana furrowed her eyebrows.
Then came a knock on the door. "That must be Al!" Monica jumped up and yanked the door open.
It was Mrs. Andrews; Ivanka's mother. "Hi, girls!"
"Oh, hi, Mrs. Andrews." Monica smiled.
"I thought you all might be hungry, so I brought you a bite." Mrs. Andrews was famous for her cookies and soon the platter was cleared of cookies.
"Thanks, Mom!" Ivanka grinned and bit into her cookie.
The door closed.
"I saved three for Ally." Kiana said, unwrapping her fist. She placed them on the bedside table and leaped for the book. She was always the first one to get it.
"Pssst! Guys, let me in!"
"Ally?" Monica swung around.
"The door's open, Al!" Ivanka called, standing up.
"Turn around!"
"Oh my!!" Kiana screeched. "What in the wide world are you doing hanging from the window?" she yanked te window open.
Ivanka grabbed Ally by the hand. "What were you thinking, Ally??"
"Yeah, what?" Monica took her other hand and together the girls hauled her into the room.
"Phew! I thought I was done for!" Ally sank onto the bed.
"Well you would've been; hanging from the window like that!" Kiana scolded, hugging her arms.
"No, I mean about those kids outside."
"What about them?" Ivanka swiped a cookie and handed it to Ally.
"They chased me all the way from school to your house. I ran for the door, but three kids stepped from behind a bush and blocked the way!
So I ran to your window and climbed up. I do gymnastics so it was a sinch. They're waiting for me at the bottom AND at the front door. They'd been teasing me at school because I failed my math test."
"Why didn't you tell my mom?" Ivanka stood up. "Or the teacher?"
"I couldn't! I didn't want to get them in trouble. If I did, then I'd be in trouble." Ally frowned.
"I thought you weren't at school." Monica said.
"Yeah, I was. But Miss Brendan placed me at the back of the class 'cause a girl couldn't see cause she needed glasses but didn't have them yet." Ally spoke. "Then I hid for the rest of after school cause I was afraid they'd do something if I came out."
"Well why didn't you tell us? We could've helped you." Kiana hugged Ally. "Those bullies were busy teasing the younger kids."
"I'm not your problem; sides! I could get away myself." Ally pushed Kiana away. "I'm not a baby."
Kiana shifted away, but she didn't hold grudges for long. She took out the book and wrote down:
The Bit of Baby-sitting Ally Hates - Chapter 1 - Part 3
"Who's turn is it to narrate?" Monica shut the window and sat beside the girls.
"Mine!" Ivanka yelled. She certainly wouldn't miss her turn for a plate of her mom's cookies.
"Awww..." Ally shook her hands sending the sauce flying into my face.
"I'm so sorry, Al!" I pulled Smokey of her and slapped him on the bottom. But of course, I didn't do it all that hard; because after all, I love all animals.
"Oh no! Ivanka, what time is it??" Ally scrunched up her face as she looked at herself in a nearby pond.
I knew I was in for BIG TIME cause' whenever Ally was mad she would call me by my full name. "8:35, why?"
"Oh man, am I in for BIG TIME!" Ally squealed. "I still have to get myself cleaned and then give that Pug a bath!"
She grabbed the leash holding Smokey and pulled him along. Boy, was she MAD. Her face was red like a tomato and of course the tomato sauce helped with the complexion.
"I'll help!" I chimed in.
"No thanks, Iva. I'll see if Kiana has got time on her hands. See ya!" Ally managed a smile and broke into a run as Smokey charged down the street. I could tell she was plain embarresed. Everybody stared at her. "I guess he had his breakfast! AUUUGGHHH! HIS BREAKFAST! I FORGOT TO FEED HIM!!" she calmed down. "I guess that hearty meatball and tomato cheese and noodles feast will suffice," she choked.
"You're so right, everybody stared at me!" Ally forced a frown to appear on her lips but they quivered with laughter.
"This is where I come in." Kiana smiled. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, may I narrate, Iva?"
"Fine!" Ivanka smiled.
I was definetly not busy. I needed some activity. Our backyard was as small as an anthill and we had no internet. I didn't have anything to play with because they had ALL been lost in the big move from two blocks away to two blocks back. I couldn't go to the park alone, and no one was willing to tread out in the cold, and it was Saturday, so, no school. So I sat in my chair reading a book. It was no exciting book. It was actually my baby-brother's tractors-go-broom-broom book. I would play with him if I could, but he was in bed; and would be there for another two hours.
So, when Ally knocked on my door, I gladly accepted the offer; that is, after I calmed myself from a long ten minute laugh.
"Will you?" Ally pleaded.
"Yeah, ok. I've got nothing to do!" I forced a serious smile onto my face and clamped a hand over my mouth. "I'll watch him like a hawk."
"Sure. Come into my yard." Ally sighed and I could see her clenching her teeth.
"Why did you take Smokey out for a walk anyway?" I asked, when Ally had explained the situation.
"He wouldn't stop bugging me till I did." She groaned. "Let's hurry, I'm freezing!"
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