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Ages: 11-12
The Spoiled Princess and Gretel
Zielle S.

Once upon a time,
Way before a crime,
There lived a spoiled Princess,
Who visited many a Princes.
But she never was happy,
Cause’ she was spoiled by her pappy.

At her bidding he sent that they may work on her spools,
He caressed and he would stroke,
Whenever she yelled and pouted for her coke.
Then her nanny came along,
And then the big BONG!
And again, she was spoiled by her nanny.

Her nanny fawned,
The Princess hated to bond.
Her nanny sent for sweets and cakes,
For many many many a bake,
She brought her wherever the Princess bid,
And the Princess yelled, she did.
Her nanny never laid a hand to her bottom,
And when the Princess yelled for a lamb,
The nanny lunged till she caught’em.
The little spoiled Princess yelled, “SCRAM!”
And along came Gretel, the woman.

Gretel, the woman, looked at the girl,
And the girl looked at Gretel, the woman.
She looked at her and gave a twirl,
She stuck out her pinkish tongue.
She smirked and she scrunched up her brow,
And Gretel the woman, looked at the girl,
She didn’t even offer a bow.
She took her by the shoulders, and said, “Lesson one!”
And again the Princess screamed.
Gretel the woman taught her her manners,
She never spoiled her and creamed,
She smacked her when she was naughty or bad,
And then after, she was never bad, not a tad!

Then she was good,
Just because she could,
And all because of Gretel,
Who boiled like a kettle.
Gretel was kind
Gretel did bind,
She never boiled over,
But she never was a spoiler,
The Princess was happy as could be,
And Gretel was happy, as you can see.

By Uzzielle :)

Keep smiling, God loves you!
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