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Series of Stories by the Girls in the BFF Club - Chapter 1 - Part 1
Zielle S.

The Part of Babysitting Ally Hates - Part 1 Chapter 1

Monica Danish: It was six in the morning when Ally K. San....

Ally: You don’t have to say my whole name!

Monica: And you don’t have to interrupt for no reason. C’mon, I had a great start! (Falls back onto a beanbag and puts a finger to her lips) Ok.

It was 6:00 in the morning when Ally had put up the babysitting sign and 6:00AM the next day when she was interrupted from her beauty sleep.

“Yoo-hoo!” it sounded like an opera singer who just got fired.

“What?” Ally rolled over in bed, tugging the blankets over her face. “It’s school holidays mom...” By the way, Ally was half asleep so she couldn’t tell the difference between her own mother and the lady who sounded like an opera singer who had just been fired.

“Yoo-hoo! Babysitter!”

“Babysitter?” that’s how eager Ally was to babysit if she spent 3 hours making a babysitting poster and woke up 6:00 in the morning to put it up. “What time is it, mom?” it was then that she realised that it was not her mom calling, but a strange lady reaching out a gloved hand, BANGING ON THE DOOR AT 6:00 IN THE MORNING!!

Essie: Ok, ok, you don’t have to go screaming into our book, Monica!

Ivanka: (giggles) Yoo-hoo! Babysitter! (mimics wave of hand and sings out in a high pitched voice)

Essie: Here. Let me narrate!

Monica: You’re laughing! See? You’re laughing! (doubles over in a fit of laughter)

Essie: Yeah, what if I am? (stifles a laugh) Let me continue.

“What time is it?” Ally blinked her eyes open and pushed the blanket of. “Oh.” She looked out the window to see the lady. But she was waaaaaaay too old to have a baby. Unless, of course, her baby was 30 years old. “6:00AM? Ugh...I woke up this early yesterday...which apparently was a huge mistake!”


“Is there something else you can say? I’M COMING!”

“I’ve got it, Ally! You stay put. Go back to sleep!” it was Mrs. San.

“You’re awake, Mom?”

Mrs. San opened the door and blurted out exactly what Ally hoped she would hold back. “What are you doing at 6:00 in the morning?” Mrs. San was straight forward.

“Well! I do say! I’ve come to have my baby...uhm...sitted.” The lady fingered her purse and pushed her pointed nose into the cold morning air.

“Mom! That’s for me!” Ally called, running down the stairs, her hair in a jumble and tumble of yarn.

“Ally, what a jumble tumble of hair you’ve got!” Mom said.

Ally: Hmmph! ‘Jumble tumble of yarn??’ I’m humiliated. (crosses arms sarcastically) My mom didn’t say anything about my hair, and you make that sentence sound like Red Riding Hood in the tale. (smirks)

Essie: Ok, Miss Critic, but......

“Oh! Well I’ve never seen more messy hair!” the lady drew back like they were a disease.
Ally rolled her eyes. “Yeh, I just got out of bed.” Then she turned to her mom. “Mom, my first job!”_

“Hmm...hmm...I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

“Thanks mom.” Ally turned to the lady. “I don’t see any baby, Mrs...uh...”

“Mrs. Cuchi, dear.” One minute a stern proud Miss and the next a fawn.

“Mrs. Cuchi.”

“Yoo-hoo!” there she went again! “Yoo-hoo! Darling! Smokey!”

Smokey? What a weird name for a baby! Ally thought.

“There you are, my chuchi, puchi, Smokey!” Mrs. Cuchi picked up a b....furry creature with a short stubby tail and a long wet nose.

Ally: Actually, I thought Smokey boy was quite cute!

Ivanka: Are you kidding? That dog was uglier then my brother’s 300 year old turtle.

Monica: Really, Al, ‘Smokey boy’?

Ally: That is, after he was washed and stuffed into Mrs. Cuchi arms again!

Essie: Guys, I’m narrating here!

Ally: Go ahead.

“Mrs. Cuchi, I-“

“Oh, my! How time flies. Be sure to give my dear Smokey a bath at 8:00AM, breakfast at 6:30, lunch at 12:00, and dinner at 7:00PM. I won’t be back till 9:00 tonight.” She rambled on about things, the instructions shooting out of her mouth like it was on fire.

“But I-“

“And don’t forget: don’t let him roll on the dirt, grass, or in the mud. And give him another bath at 5:00. Bu-bye!” and with that she sashayed out the door before Ally could open her mouth to say a syllable.

“What a lot of things to do for such a small dog! I’m not surprised he’s such a fat little Pug!” Ally looked at Smokey and sighed. “I’m not sure I’m going to like this kind of baby-sitting...”

Monica and Ivanka: HAHAHAHA! Essie, that was hilarious! Ally this is the best story we’ve put in any of our books yet!

Ally: Come to think of it, it was quite funny! I’m narrating the next chapter, K? I hafta’ go. Bye!

Monica, Ivanka and Essie: Come and do the story with us tomorrow! And DON’T forget!
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