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Ages: 11-12
The Lost Generation - 9
Zielle S.

I'm sorry this chapter took so long to come out. Happy reading! Zielle

I blushed. "Sorry. I said, my dad's friends weren't really friends. They were horrid. So I ran away and thenů" the fire cackled and spat loudly, blazing in the furnace.

Mrs. King just sat there with fear in her beautiful eyes.

Jonathon plopped on his tummy. "Oh man, this is cool!"

"Cool?" I snapped, "Whaddya mean, cool?" I demanded.

Jonathon laughed. "Yeah, I know," he paused. "So when do we leave?"

I was stunned. My hair stood on ends and I moved so close to the fire I almost scorched my now dry jeans. "Whaddya mean?" I demanded again.

Mrs. King choked down a smirk. "Not the best time to be laughing, Jonathon," she scolded as best she could.

"I mean, when do we leave?" Jonathon repeated, his eyes laughing. "Alright, Melanie, I'm serious! I know we just met and all, but I'm ready to go if you are."

"I-" I couldn't go anymore. I thought about my Dad who tried to do the best for me, and I thought about what my Mom and what she wanted me to do, and I thought about all my childhood friends. Hannelli, Florence, Simonů And then I thought about me. I thought about the life ahead of me. Then I thought that it wouldn't be a life because I would be dead anyway. I had no choice. Or maybe I did. I was hanging of a cliff here, begging to be a different Melanie Anderson. Begging that this would all be a dream. My mother dying. Leaving my father. Thrown in the sea. All that, I wished would never have happened.

"Hello?" Jonathon waved his hand in front of my face.

I frowned. "C'mon, Jonathon, gimme a break." I said.
"Sorry. It's-" he paused. "Just trying to take my mind of everything. I wish I didn't have to come with you-"

I cut him off. "You don't have to." I replied, my voice softening.

"But - but do you think I would let a kid like you - especially my cousin go of on a death threatening journey all by herself and miss everything?" he winked. "I'm always ready for an adventure." And he emphasized the adventure.
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